Switch it up a little bit I’m gonna check out the lines for the Cowboys NFL week six game highlights I’ve been checking out on football this is a way for me to check it out check it out let’s get right into it let’s go fake out of me okay Prescott over the top I don’t know that is what.

Zone okay okay keep trying pull it out the safe okay okay they gonna give it right back damn I think it’s just waltzing in love like a like.

Okay no fact that he way out the PC oh look at that look at that look at that one look at him go look at all go he could no oh no oh he out.

Of there oh he goes oh he out of there touchdown I see that oh give it to him hmm look at that.

Yeah movie out of that he’s out.

Of it that’s nothing but who’s gonna die for that I’m a dad too okay Marvin Jones Burstyn Galba Troy worst in the league in fact on okay you know.

That was quarterback sneak out like that play no look like let’s see oh the spin off 14 14 games take way in the lane oh I don’t know what ball was they get in there okay get that first.

Down that’s all you need don’t say Aaron oh damn oh good catch the Tex yeah all right raka no yes the climb oh he grabbed his facemask oh you think what one-hand catch Pig and Steph you try it oh you know again they’ve been out – oh really let’s see okay sorry what you doing yo Dion before you even get in.

That volunteer place okay there’s Ryan and you’re through it with the left hand oh the.

Trick play wobbly oh damn you’re trying to hit him hard did Brian ever help with gang II.

Know Ricky Oh Tombo Tombo get it the UFO that’s what they call the big boy UFOs hell no you don’t get a toy rumbling no snaps you don’t think about putting Tony Romo in don’t even try keep doing what you’re doing Dallas y’all might win if you like it hit that subscribe and like buddy.


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