Being from Arizona I didn’t really understand that right with too much but once I got there it was instant and I can tell that they don’t like us we don’t like them we always have the weekly plan we have our past players call in just talked about how much do they want us to beat them how much they.

Hate Michigan how all that stuff it’s a really big motivator for us anytime you lose a game there’s a bad taste in your.

Mouth and when you go eight and five you know your mouth at a certain point does it taste very good just a lot of a lot of bad experiences that you know you’d rather trade in I think the rivalry with the road with the Wolverines is just the history that goes behind it um I think there’s been a lot of things said and done on both sides it’s good.

You know sometimes you get your little brother excited when you’re playing basketball and stuff let him get the lead and then you just come back and take it back.
Yeah it’s hard to have little.

Brothers or is he little right I don’t know he’s Oh as I said earlier it’s not over you know I’m gonna be a coach here for a long time it’s not a wish you started we auction and complete game over Michigan State whimsy obviously it’s a trophy game the Polya trophy but.

There’s a lot that go into it I think a lot emotion in that game for the whole entire state mission down Michigan we want to you know overcome what we did last year and be better improving every aspect and and win more games and win the big games that we that we fell short in we gotta win every Sunday foot especially the anyb national champion you can’t take off first quarter show up second quarter.

Take off their quarters tryna show up in the fourth quarter because you finally want any most elite division so in order to really propel in their cell and be where you want to be we.

Gotta win every single quarter and leave no doubt historically it means a lot to our to our past players so there’s a focus from.

Them as well and it’s just something that’s spread into our players from the day that they walk in the door.


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