Hello hoppers I know I’m sorry another stupid scrap mechanic montage video for the second time in a row I promise I’ll have something much more interesting coming up soon actually the next video should be my r-tx blog where I met the needs guys actually in person for the first time finally anyway I just wanted to give a few.
Tips about this little vehicle here if you.

End up deciding to use it or play.

Around with it or whatever I would find your numpad to your number keys in.

The game it makes it a lot easier to fly this with the control layout that I have hmm interesting thoughts yes and with that out of the way I hope that you enjoyed this.
Vastly overdramatic video for something that.

Actually took less time to build then this video took the edit which is kind.

Of interesting links will be in the description to download this as well as any of the maps you saw and a couple of the workshop items that I ended up using for background in that very last shot there as well as links to all my other things.

Like my disc or my patreon my Instagram which I’ve never posted to Instagram.

But I keep getting followers on it so I guess I’m doing something right I’m going to continue posting nothing maybe until I get just an absurd amount of followers on it I don’t.

Know we’ll see anyway I hope you enjoyed this video Hopper’s boom boom boom boom Oh um.


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