So maybe I can do it why do you but the girls that communion and you put that like a bowling place if I go like this I can see light community I gotta keep it through my life all right I have to find the app I didn’t see I to get the Amazon happy you got the screen turned.

All the way down here brightness Jesus okay well now.

You can see okay then what see one’s better that is the damnedest thing he had to turn all the way down it’s on the control center and swipe up from the bottom just don’t mess with it I just I just we’re gonna.

Go this way go away there’s only one way to go up there what are you talking well remember these are HP’s.

We’re just lucky – yeah we’re just looking to get it doesn’t know because there’s no it’s not no it’s.
Not because I’m documenting all this chaos here comes the fun part.

Easily No why’d you know what did me yeah we’re good I’m a bro it sure is yeah.

I got something for doctor yeah just little spike pulled up in the back that’s good as long as the wrinkles around that’s what we need oh it’s just this getting them back on wait a minute what wrinkle over here you and your wrinkles I know I hate wrinkles these are my eldest that’s my physical therapist calls them that so you’re wearing your all this pants oh yeah doing this one best yeah no it’s done so I get it no that’s good enough say.

They don’t have to go through the wall I’m quit you through the wall to the moon don’t need too much to hot dogs penguins thank you corn I’m showing up to meetings Furillo I mean that’s against a ba ba I mean he doesn’t live in now it’s it’s yet nothing they were spending.

The money because the money would be spent by the yeah I builder worthy of him I’m just surprised that they don’t have to abide by unless you’re some kind of loophole or some exemption with with the ABA because like that at your dentist that’s a nightmare trying to get you in there lift your legs oh I can only go so far.

See please stop it I can do this these are not good today it’s not Texan you know when you’re working out you working out different muscles lower.

Back well that’s because you’ve been over all the time you gotta use those glutes got a strengthen you gotta see that but I don’t know if you.

Heard what you said but you do allow for the button the button that automatically opens the door how stupid is that those in look here permanently I would know yeah take heed of what diggy diggy duck I think that’s my phone I took that with my phone yeah nothing you can watch in over an hour.


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