Hello cabbage with similar yeah yeah today just want to jump on the day rally to hike train a little bit mmm I told myself I wasn’t going to get too excited about this game yeah being watched a Ford ended up being yeah and just for that I trying to just see what did Elise and just hope that it’s.

Going to be decent but the more I hear from cold pastures the more they I’m starting to get excited about it especially with the arrival of the.

Elk on the stage and Argentina.

Which is going to be absolutely terrifying okay I’ve got a little bit of an on board for six put them hazing pad a couple of years ago going for.

The way and I shall be able to see it’s tight twisty just Roxie beside it a little bit it just that you’ve gotta get across and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a task to get through CLE room the other thing I’ve noticed as well.

Is that to keep on to keep on sorta tryna say how the not afraid to make a difficult rally game and I think we’ve talked of quite a bit of slash after therefore people saying that didn’t have the balls to do let’s do an actual rally simpered.
Yeah that’s always gonna border.

More than arcade even de la Ligue 2 and extensors as good as it was it’s still not the most punishing when it comes like damage or there’s no time are those or anything like that a lot was quite difficult to master once your match the dead it’s it’s fairly it’s easy act anyway the other thing they’ve been slated forward in the past this not given went.
DLC else so though that Lisa gave Mike do one or.

Two patches and then just walk away Thomas and I think tits on that was there for because the response to the game wasn’t great and I.

Think they realized that quite too trouble to decide that’s rather than waste any time on it to just walk away I’d start building something else maybe too concentrated on performing one games or maybe leave we’re being waited on.

To putting it all for a lot longer and behind the scenes if you have a posse clips that we’re getting back as well it is say the the tire model and the stage derek litigation.

Awesome if you implement that base start and rather going to be have always been missing too it’s a such a real part of rally it’s it when the WRC where you get arden the stage is always a big part of how much advantage you get or disadvantage.

A the mind games of whenever to go away in and win a rally and you know do you want to start the.

Next event based on the stage similar to that we’ve just got with speed cata turn over losing the lead for the championship going into the straight ahead into the last round but because it is gonna be second on the road so.

Will last to the other an advantage over DOJ’s so it makes the the end of the champions year really interesting and just spices everything off a little bit as well and so it’s great that we’ll finally get to see dust as part of a game so we contained a good start ourselves if we’re in championships I just hoped that it moves over to.

The multiplayer so the league saw the club sessions whatever they were called in there for if if that is implemented into the actual like C’s.

And stuff people gone like the multiplayer seasons that’s going to be fantastic and it’s going to really add and all their aspects how you can piece and team tactics and stuff like that yeah Jamie gambit Italian models rip.

The time I also don’t bite and you know you it’s not just going to be fastest wins all the time hopefully if they do it right it’ll be if y’all just bail on every stage and you’re aware then this is.

Out sooner or later that’s going to catch up with yes so you’ve you’ve got to find the balance of being fast but also managing the ties at the same time so that’s going to be that’s going to be really interesting to see how were.

To implement it and hopefully because it’s a it will be implemented online as well because that’s.

Where most of the competition is career modes are good to get used to the game but they’re not great for longevity if you ask me out if you get on Facebook and you join the leagues and then you’re getting involved with real people it just it makes the game lasts so much longer than just it just adds a completely different aspect to it so with the DLC they’re saying that they’ve got six months plan content so you.

Know what they’re going to do for the first six months so imagine that’s going to be hopefully extra location sex or cars or that.

Type of stuff and then six months after that get some plans to go over there I think it’s gonna.

Go on community feedback so yeah whatever the community ask for dinner for six months will hopefully be implemented in the.

Second half of the DLC which is a real good way to go as well so it means we’ve kind of got got some sort of control of how the game goes which again it’s a nice tackle masters are listening to.

What the community of being saying over the years and they’ve obviously listened to the disappointment of therefore and really do seem to maybe really want.

To prove that they are capable and they have got the ball to make a simulation relegate rather than just like sort their toe in your water as if in a toe in the water tape cave now therefore wasn’t arguably even rally with the staged aggregation I’ve got a fee any that is going to be free different types.

Of stages so don’t think it will be like consistence degradation all the way through it sort of each card and its position I think.

Still just basically be free types of stages Bellavia your fresh stage which.

All the loose gravel on top which is going to be obviously slick slippy you for the road sweep and the second stage will be most optimal so you love the most grip so that’s I think they said I think.

They should have faced a fear face second feared was sleepy and then.

Feared 4/5 was it maybe was like got sorted optimal and then any and after that the stage is going to be all rotters and there’s going to be more sorts of tippity in the road and that’s another thing i wanna touch on.

With argentine it as well there’s lots of rocks in argentina and especially like el condor where the stage is going to be located hopefully we.

Can see some of that implemented into the stage their creation as well you know more sort a more chances.

Of punches and just more debris in the road that could potentially damage your car and make a lot more tricky to get through the multiplayer as well well we’ve shared that is going to have.

Its going to be an eight player multiplayer where you can do rallies rallycross or a mixture of both she said after avenjet four bullets with therefore being the way it was never really needs to be populated you might get three or four servers when you go online it’s still a couple now if we go on and but the I had actually grateful if you get a decent number of players involved in it so you can do you like your normal.

Rally stages and obviously compete and not sure if they are ghost cars honest I don’t think he did but I always tend to go stars off anyway because you just put me off so that doesn’t really affect me but I.

Know people like to see to go study over the cars and so it’d be interesting to see if they’ve got ghosts in this honor obviously the big one is VR VR I’ll be very surprised if the other on release I suspect they’re gonna do similar with what is Alma therefore I think.

If therefore took off more and it was more post behind a you probably would have implemented it at some point and it I imagine it’ll be to say it’s a shame.

Way to point out they’ll just check does it make sure that we’ve got that I feedback and that I community support and people are on board today.

And if it is a success then oh they’ll probably get the VR it could be another six months down the line no I imagine that might be part of the the second a lot of.

DLC that you bring goes so it’s a silly mister is I just can’t believe they’re not jumping on board I’ve got the odds don’t really use it I’m not a big fan of it myself when the novelty wore off quite quick but it.

Is it is the future elation and every other game that year every other game not year that is getting released now they like to build your cars and.

A set of course it comes to them the fog off the island because it’s it’s proven that it is it’s real it’s a technology for the future.

And there’s so many simulators now that is both talk to Gabe that doesn’t have it that if if you really want to be taken seriously as a as a sim game if you like you need to be implementing VR on release cold masses there seems to be a little bit slow getting jumping on that bandwagon and I think I read somewhere that the VR wouldn’t be coming for formula 1 2018 which again is just silly decision how does that song I don’t get it they must be.

Sick I just read BR no no buy on every post a teapot outs on like Twitter or Facebook you know YouTube whatever surely sort of a lightning bolts got a strike somewhere then someone’s got to go yeah we need to do a start doing this from day one this just needs to be part of building a game feminist from scratch and because.

It’s just alienating so many people and so many people just won’t take the game serious from from the start unless this VR involved in it so yeah hopefully they’ll hopefully they’ll be allies and I don’t know whenever to just haven’t got the capabilities er but the boss do cuz he did on.
A four day at rally and Dave Valley VR was fun to play although I.


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