Hey YouTube X story here and today is Tuesday which means we’re doing another mount farmer so today I’m going to be showing you how to get the bronze Drake now this mount is actually a 100 percent drop chance so all you need to do is what I do in this video and you will obtain this mount so as.

Time I’ll be showing you guys how to get here the quickest way possible so we’re going to.

The noodle around and to get there we want to go to the old dollar ad so there may be a quicker way but this is the quickest way I know so we’re going to take the portal 2 value of the eternal blossom and then we are going to take a portal to the new dollar am now with this video I am planning to do a bit of a giveaway with mounts so I have a few spare mounts there.

Nothing too exciting just a gun nighthound mouth I will give one away if I want.
Fun just leave a comment down below and I yet you can go on the.

This is the new Deloraine portal just here and then we’re going to be taking a portal to the caverns of time and then we just need to run down to get to the instance so this instance has a lot of role-playing and.

It is a pretty slow dungeon so I’ll have to speed up a lot of it it does take a while to get through it all just because I mean if you’ve never done the dungeon.

Know watch it’s pretty cool Aster’s starts killing innocent people so it’s a bit different and then yes it’s pretty quick to get the match just going to.

Run to the end but just follow the path down here and they’ve added a map just quite recently I think in the last year patches or so and it shows all the dungeons down here so there’s Dragon Soul Mount Hyjal and all that so dragon so it also.

Has quite a few mounts in it but we’ll be getting to raids of it later so we’re just going to fly down to the.

Bottom and then we’re going to look for culling of stress home which would just be down here I’ll speed it up a bit nervous all right so once we get down to the bottom you can see on the map here there’s lots different dungeons so we’re going to go for the culling of stress Hall which is just down here and as always make sure you’ve got their tartare.

Ready as you can see I’ve got my buff already ready to go you also want to make sure that the dungeon is on heroic as the map is heroic greenly at 100 central.

Chance steel so to work through this dungeon you do need to do like a little quest for forehand so I’ll quickly show you how to do that and yes you do turn into Alliance as well as you can see it made me a gnome just kind of cool.

My land locals always unknown so you just want to go and speak to creamy as shifting messing around time again.

To give you these items actually haven’t done the quest but not that important so you just push along here and she will give you a arcane disruptor and we just need to go to the five plate crepes along here and use the quest item on them so I’ll speed it up again now so once you’ve done all the crates just come here and.

Talk to creamy again and then it will begin a role-playing thing here that I think it goes.


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