All right I’m gonna go back fortnight crush Mart yeah I’m gonna day for now after I finish this um this part all right um I need to plug in my phone and is this Mike any better than last one all right hold on you take off my sweater all right you know what has happened yo dude do my.

Left audio just cut out are you serious did you totally just did are you freaking kidding me.

Okay we’re back hey yo sup alright let’s.

Go do you guys want me to talk or no do you think’s but I appreciate that and so is this mic like the same or is it a or is it better well I need to turn my um I need to turn my volume down on my controller because this is really freaking loud yeah boy this is so hard my audience right now ah decreasing there’s a.

Are ready with the by this game with his I bought it on Oh how yo oh no this is gonna suck guys case I’m sorry if I’m like.
Really booty I don’t have a person he’s gonna tell me.

Where directions are yeah the game is really about I’m sorry I don’t know how to turn the game down at all I did it once.

But I think I was I look alright there’s a 100% gravel because so this is going to suck a fortnight after I really for race I like that race I’m still in 11th place with the heck.

That’s so dumb that’s alright guys little catch-up not wanted me to talk what y’all aren’t answering what the.
Heck what on am i talking okay I didn’t.

Know if my mic was messed up or something all right so we need to repair.

A car we need to do the electronics engine is fine steering is good gearboxes okay brakes we need to get up on those electronics we need to fix that suspension we need to fix not and we need to fix our tires more to go we need to pick your electronics all the way it’s.

Thing I guess not a cultural but like a um it’s something it’s it’s hard to explain it’s something that people do in other countries alright let’s go you guys ready is the game what.

Is the game loud for you guys are now because I think I know how to turn it down is it loud for you guys is the game louder no guys No all right oh let’s go here we got.
5% tarmac in the 95% gravel breaking because my pension.

Program nah did not it I was totally scaring the other way that I mean not for we got all the other Drive that was what I actually enjoyed watching this game you do I play for tonight whenever you guys want.

I’m done with this maybe after I’m done with this um like when I’m done with this season maybe I’ll go.

I guess if that’s what y’all want up to you I don’t care like a while what I want yeah no I’m restarting I’m sorry right hello it’s me reckless I just helped us out oh gee thanks bro ah do you serious seems so freaking hard oh no they don’t don’t watch it happened dude what just happened are.

You freaking kidding me my car just took a crap on me all my guide to white I’m so done I’m not finishing the.

Race like this a dude I can are you freaking kidding me what just happened oh my god no I’m giving up I’m gonna main menu pod eat are you serious my car just crapped on me like out of nowhere that’s so dumb uh-huh I just got cooked what’s up guys welcome to the stream I wonder what my team is I go no no go to next rally Jesus no no it’s so bad oh thanks dude appreciate that let me know when you guys want me to play for night all right let’s at least make it.

To the power stage okay start that wasn’t even fair dude when we play fortnight now I’ll play want to.

Complete this I want to complete a stage oh crap I forgot about coins for giveaways actually no I don’t have a only thing let’s go you see.

I am in this freaking game 4th place not bad not point fortnight in a second guys and it’s here all right start let’s go I’m a god dude I.

Like that track that track was awesome all I know it’s nighttime again or the we’re gonna restart that so one must be.

Perfect yeah being on the second place let’s go let’s repair all right firm okay so this should be kind of oh this is gonna be a fun stage dude let’s go does anybody else hiked as much as I am no yeah I figured it’s okay that’s I’m I let me think about.

This I gotta love this stuff that was that’s great we’re starting what I’m a third place whatever I’m gonna get them I’m like I’m gonna eat their toes watch me I thought I did pretty freakin good that game I don’t know about you guys where was I I was in 10th place are you freaking kidding me imma get him dude I’m gonna get these guys I thought I was doing good man what that happened so dumb dude I.

Really want a freaking four-wheel-drive car I mean an all-wheel drive car other than this crap and no baby in the car oh no no no that was not the plan geez dude it’s solo career continue I wonder what my career my crews gonna think of me.

Dude are you freaking kidding me one little freaking puny little tree well I guess I’m playing fortnight now I just want to see this team okay.


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