Welcome to the open panic rally cast this is episode 39 or I guess you’d call it episode 38 part 2 for those of you that listened to our previous episode you’ll know that we split this show into two because well we jabbered on for way too long to fit it into one so in this show we talk more.

With our cocoa presenter Greg Dorman assume rally to USA we discover how he got into rallying and how he got a job with the top.

Rally team in North America we then discuss some of the happenings in the New England.

Forest rally and let our opinions some of them are quite strong Ian we are talking about you from WRC Finland we also delve a bit.

Into America’s rallycross from the Canada event as well this is open bat it the rally Cannes well I’d like to think again our friends over at hammer.
Sport racing that was George hammer back Lewis.

May and John I missed his last name sorry John but it was awesome having those guys on the show and we’ll try and catch up with them maybe at the end of the season and see how things are going with the development and that project the BMW course they will be at a jib way so let’s continue on.

Though as I said at the top of the show we have Greg Dorman with us of Subaru Rally Team USA Greg I wanted to talked a little bit about.

You because you know we only briefly got to.

Get a bit of an introduction with our a or a live stream that we did give us a little bit of your background how did you get started rallying them it was quite a while ago I had friends.

That was looking for a co-driver for its first event in in Poland it was November of 1995 and I barely had my a driver’s license.

And then probably a couple days after I’ve received it and I you know got to co-driver and my first event and got sucked in we went to help our another friend that said was going to school with us and he was part of the Fiat team of Fiat was helping all the young drivers in Poland with providing.

Rally cars for them I was a Fiat Cinquecento was Fiat 500 back then in and yeah we are that’s how we started and running now rallying in Poland I’d have to expect that’s it’s quite passion at the sport there it probably equal.

To like an in England yeah I was gonna ask ask that yeah what sport is the why are the Polish so passionate about about rally you see it you see it at all all events around the world there are passionate crazy Polish rally fans at every every event yeah we seem to be be passionate the fans not maybe.

Not even about rally but fans there’s a lot of you know soccer is really popular in Poland and you know when we’re stand behind our people you know we.

Tend to go out to events and bring flags and be passionate about it yes rallies also big in in Poland I would say.

Europe pretty much so yeah I you know we do enjoy it and although there’s very few dirt events like gravel events in Poland at the moment I think only to last then you know we’re so have eight other events in the Polish championship on asphalt and there’s tons of others sort of regional events that you have to go through to get your license for to raise the.

Polish technician Wow so it takes quite a bit to get it but but there’s a lot of events there sounds like you’re from Poland came over to the States how did you then get involved in rallying stateside well it was actually quite a shock when I.

First got here you know I thought I thought you know here we go this is something I was doing and something that I thought I really really enjoyed and when I got.

Here I was like oh I don’t know the language I don’t know any people around how do I find this port is but I was fortunate enough to find a group of Polish guys in Brooklyn New York where.

You know they had couple Audi’s they had couple Volkswagens and they were going to these local rallies and I was like oh great I’m gonna go to one of them and one of the first events was Maine forest.
Rally back then a in 1999 and it got got sucked in yo I saw Stig.

Blomqvist in Carl Muriel’s Ford Escort hey you know I was like okay well what do I hit you do to get in you know.

And in 2001 I was in the first event a local event at in upstate New York with on my friends Piazza motakay wish you know co-driving in the first event Wow so that was kind of a way that you kind of got yourself integrated I guess into the local.

Community it was through a rally yeah absolutely believe it or not it you we help you know to just meeting this guy’s and you know back then it was like rally forums and I kind of got connected back through Poland back to to New York and I was like oh.

Great were you guys and there was a shop body shop in New York in Greenpoint where all these guys would meet on Friday night and watch some rowdy videos on VHS and yeah it brings up all the good memories oh.

That is awesome awesome now you’re of course up there with well I guess a little bit of your rally.

Backer I mean you’ve been competing since then for several years we were talking about New England forest.

Rally now how many times have you done that specific event I’ve done it seven times and I had to actually look it up we were talking about it today I’ve done seven times in all of them was national and three.

And one of them was actually in the winter we were able to that event used to be run as a national in the summer and the regional in the winter so I was able to do both.

You come over from Poland 1999 you enter you start you expect at your first rally out here get involved in the community start doing co-driving for some events then you get somehow involved with super Rally Team USA now that’s got to be a story how that happened so 2009 and and in 2012 I was the championship runner-up for co-drivers in a super.

Production class once with POV torchic and then once with Evan Klein both times with in Subarus as a.

Matter of fact I was just looking at it today I think the last time I was in other car then Subaru in the national event was 2006 so there was a long history eight events later you know Here I am.

But four years ago I was you know doing my kind of like hobby a side-job thing with photography I went to.

Trove aver for to photograph the World Championship in rallycross and I got an email from Christian del who is the the marketing director and vice president of Vermont sports car and like hey you know let’s talk about it you know what you can do maybe you can join the team and they were looking for somebody to go with the team to to ojibwe couple a couple weeks later I was in ojibwe with the team I have my very first event and that was four years ago.

And now your official title is it’s not it’s not just like photographer you do a lot more stuff than that yeah I try to try to do everything that that needed really now.

I have a passion for the sport obviously and and I have a you know a very admired John bhavam who is our team manager you know at his age he’s you know on top of everything and running.

Around and getting stuff done and sometimes I kind of like tend to jump in and help him out and I’m sure she appreciates it you know a lot of times too but my main thing is.

You know kind of marketing site and also helping our our drivers and navigators to make sure that they have everything they need that they are prepared to the sort of maximum but you know for example I would go out there in the middle of recce and meet them and bring.

Him you know lunch or you know I just in case make everything more efficient exactly yeah it the less that the driver and co-driver.

Have to think about during the events the better the clear their mind is and then the better results are.

But of course with your background in encode driving and whatnot you had a surprise last year after Abby got hurt and you you ended up sitting next to what ended up being are the.

Arrays first champion yeah I tell you you know I never ever thought driving up to the event and hearing that Robbie has been injured and I was still you know on the way to.
The event I never thought that there was a chance.

You know we were joking around about it in the car but you know never really thought that you know.
That is a chance and you know I was having dinner at.

The brewery down at the bottom of Sunday River and you know got a call from actually Craig drew that said hey you know where are you we need you in the lobby of the hotel we have to discuss something and you know when I walked through the door travis pastrana handed me the suit.

And that was it took a little time to decipher Robby’s notes I spent some time with him in the restaurant he was he was hurting but he.

Was able to guide me through some of his notes and let me tell you I didn’t get much sleep that night yeah it was a lot of a lot of excitement this is the story you’re going to dine out for for a long long time isn’t it yeah older you know I tell you all the pictures that are coming up and young from a year ago your happiness and all that and it brings up all the older memories from their.

Time on I had to turn off the phone.

You know the minute I stepped out you know from my hotel room on that morning just because I knew that you know my mind has.

To be so clear because I knew I have to be on top of my game to get Travis to the finish I never thought that you know we had a.

Chance of winning the rally.

You know the plan was to get Travis to the finish so you know I want to ask though I mean you guys when you did your first stage.


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