Is worthy of a full-time ride for sure instead of doing this part-time garbage so alright wrapping up our little bit of Finland you want to talk about artificial jumps huh oh god I hated I hated that final jump at Rumaki it was dreadful I mean it was just like you know the organizers have decided that we don’t.

The big jumper une employer so what are we gonna do oh let’s make a big jump right at the very end and we’ll put put seats around it will make a big spectacle of it no that’s not rally you know this is reduce this spectacle this debacle that they put on at the end of Rua marquee was Ricky Michael AMA Supercross rubbish I mean why.

Didn’t they have the guys what the drivers wind the windows down and wave in midair you know that wasn’t rally I hated it I mean but I mean I know people like to see long jumps but it’s not rally I’d much rather watch a car navigate a navigator section of curve you.

Know but watch the lines in and out of the apexes of the curves this was this was just nothing for me it was just totally created for television with the drone cameras watching everything and well it was just off I’m not sure the TV the TV production crew thought it was great when the rear rear wing fell off O’Shea’s car I bet they thought wow what great television this is gonna pull people into wild be fair to be fair he shredded that in the previous left-hander we’re out too wide and dug it into.

The into the dirt banks I was gonna come off on a long straight a job but it fell off on the jump and that was that was the impaired fine but you know I really I really.

Didn’t like the artificial jump there at all.

And if rally is going to go that way then that’s a bad thing strong opinion hey it’s getting late I’ve got much sleep it must be the podium beer oh well the only one thing I have to say.

Is STP our waste management stage we have a jump like that you know not of course not as big as it was in Finland but it was also you know man-made and it wasn’t there an original running of the stage.

So it brings it it brings people to that one spot a lot of people to that one spot and you know unfortunately and especially in in. where it’s really tough to get people out to the stages and and get them out and explore and kind of like you know how can I get in.

Here and can I get in there kind of read the map they really have to have a kind of clear direction go here you gotta see a car flying and and people will enjoy it yeah you you may not greet not agree with it but I guess it brings people in to Riley yeah one thing.

I didn’t mind about this I liked that they had they flying finished with before the jump.

And I thought that was kind of cool because it kind of you know kind of got people to start pushing for it instead of somebody to kind of go and weak over the darn thing does make it exciting is it for TV and for spectators yes it is do you like sponsors great guess what sponsors usually pay.

For being out there too that kind of thing and something and.

You have actually agreed on in the past is that promotion is good for rally and the more promotion the more sponsors actually brings down costs.

You know and for events options things like this are things you can promote and from that promotion come sponsors and all the rest of it so.

As much as I understand your frustration of it being a quote-unquote fake jump okay maybe it wasn’t built the right way to make it.

Look maybe it looked a little hokey but jumps I don’t think are a bad thing if they’re not made dangerous you know we saw where the jumps can cause damage and things like that this was not one of those you know it was that it seemed like it was built.

Right as far as the structure of it oh yeah that was probably a lot of technical engineering the setting of it wasn’t very pretty I’ll give you that the waste management joke jump that Greg talked about that’s still kind of actually in Mary where there’s trees in the background and whatnot it looked okay.

This looked like it was room and I ruined my key it looked like it was kind of in an area where there was like a gravel pit or something so you’re right it wasn’t the prettiest location for one and I have no problem with jumps in a natural natural location but this one was just too artificial and they’d probably have you built a fake jump.

On in in the forested part and still allowed people to watch it that would be okay no don’t build a fake jump take.

The natural contours and the lie of the land if there isn’t a jump there then there isn’t a jump there but I mean people will come to a jump yeah if there’s a jump now no no when you’ve got private land and can’t get people there well yeah so there’s the thing right is you’ve got to have ingress and egress out access to these locations you know as an organizer that’s one thing you have to think about mm-hmm so it goes beyond.

Just just the fact that you know find where the cool natural jump is and somehow just magically get people teleported there there’s a lot more to it than that yeah but yeah I see your point as well.

See your point as well so yes next event Germany go to tarmac well I think new Ville is definitely gonna be one of the greats on that one my money is on dunny soda.

Oh him get a win that would be that would be really cool he’s he’s made a couple of mistakes.

Last couple of years it seems out of Germany but let’s hope it hope it goes well for the old guy we had just a couple other little bits of rally news but I’m gonna skip most of those and.

I think we should talk about the Americas rallycross and world rallycross stuff so you were up there in toile Riviere Greg yes I call it three rivers because my tongue doesn’t do that thing that’s okay I cannot pronounce.

Of some of the drivers that we drive as a cookie RBC so to share yeah my friend cotton cayetana which.

In WRC too car he was just testing on Sunday right before the event but.

Quickly to a rx great track the length of it it was rich I think pretty perfect to the set up.

It’s probably the closest to a proper rallycross track that we have in North America whatever they are trying to do in Austin it doesn’t really work working it’s not really working out even though they had neo Petter Solberg involved in building that track in my opinion that track in three rivers is a lot better still a big big difference from you know our our.

The wall our ex supercars just the way they handle and you know they’re lot shorter and it’s just yeah it’s it’s another little but surely.7 seconds faster a lap than our cars oh.

That’s yeah that’s a little harder well.

What I really liked seeing out there was of course you have ken Block with Ken Block out there with cash Steve Arvin Steve arpan thank you I love Steve he’s a great guy he’s really fun just get late in the evening as you guys are saying anyway so I love that we have ken block and Steve arpan out there and the in the Ford Focus RS rx is because that’s at least of a.

Same scale of car as the Subarus yeah you saw some great competition between Patrick’s and.

L and Ken Block they’re really kind of getting close and and also with Steve ARP and you know being one-upped at times so here we have at least a platform that is of similar size.

I think the VW guys need to be forced to change to a Jetta I.

Like that idea because they have that shorter wheelbase that you know basically like the fiestas previously had I actually looked it up the current WR X’s have this almost the same wheelbase as my 2005 Subaru Outback yeah it’s about two inches it’s big right whereas the previous WRX is from that era of 2005 in the bug eyes and the hawk I saw.

Stuff was 98 inches which is pretty much right at where you’ve got for the Volkswagen Beetles so it’s it’s hard to have competition close when the cars aren’t that close in their design and I think that’s where I like seeing that focus out there which is a similar size and so I think obviously Andretti’s Autosports been great they’re.

They’re a huge promoter they’re huge you know they’ve moved along to this ARX and helped with that move – – ARX with Subaru we like the ghost guys we love those guys right but you would really like them to have a similar platform no absolutely and you know having same guy when you know event of.

The event after the event it doesn’t really help serious either you know we we have a lot of great guys great engineers working on it and you know as you can see as you mentioned the gap has you know it’s been shrinking so well below maybe I’ll get there well hoping so definitely hoping so that was definitely a like you said that.

Favorite Inn in North America you’ve got the elevation change bit I guess as they kind of dive down into the dirt.

Area from being on the tarmac you have a long tarmac section that’s more like a drag race it’s got.

A little bit of everything in there and I you know I like the format I really like the.

World rallycross format and how they do it maybe if we could add a few more laps maybe to make desire management a thing at the end we’d probably be a little more interesting for the final but also you’re trying to fit within a time scale of TV fuel fuel also.

You know it’s it’s a it’s a longer tracks and those.


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