A competitive stage together that time wasn’t very far off yeah and.

You know I remember like today you know the two mistakes that I made that cost Javas to go a little bit wide on my call being late.

And Travis going a little wide on the.

Road and then we get to the finish and we just you know a couple seconds off I’m like okay if I can get my stuff together I can I can do this by the third state of the day we knew that that would that we can do it and we can be as fast.

As David and Craig as a matter of fact on the third stage of the rally.

Was a longer stage I believe it was.

14 miles or 16 miles stage and Travis at the start said okay we’re gonna do it we’re gonna do it right on this stage so we were on top of.

The game about three-quarters of the stage and we lost the power.

Steering but we were able to pull the data from both cars David’s in Travis’s and compare the times and at the time that our power steering went off we were second seven seconds faster than David seven seconds man that’s you must have been.

Just amped I I can’t imagine just like eyes bulging out of your head full of adrenaline you know it brought up a lot of good memories from 2009 where where we were working really hard to kind of.

Cut off everything that happens around you when you sit in a rally car and focus only what’s in front of you the book and the road and that’s it.

You know it’s it’s really hard because sometimes you catch yourself inside the rally car when you’re running especially a longer stage where your brain is getting tired that your mind kind of runs away and that’s that’s where.

You make mistakes that’s where you laid on a call and you.

Know when you at that speed you know it that stuff can happen I’ve made a note at this one the book on the.

Road um I’m gonna keep that one ingrained in my memory for for a g-way as well the book and the.

Ride yeah maybe we should get some t-shirts printed sounds good to me I like that it you’d be that this shirt would.

Look like an open book with like the inside the the book could be like pavement you know would look like road right yeah we got the idea going a trend well that was an awesome awesome experience from me just following from the outside I I can only imagine what it was like on the.

Inside but obviously you you you relive it when the pictures start showing is F that’s awesome I watched it launch control million million times so a lot of those views are mines oh I love that I love that I would I would totally want to re-experience that as well what what a crazy event obviously that can’t happen again now with the switching of co-drivers well I guess you could do it for seat time but you wouldn’t get any points if it happened again but still that was that was a cool.

Experience and the way that you were able to.

Quickly adapt I just and that was cool how is just so many kinds of cool yeah an amazing experience and on the TUF event too you know you know I know that you won’t talk.

About New England forest rally and about some roads that are there yeah especially the roads that are on Saturday they can really get you and so the notes that you wrote about the the show and what you want to talk about in in in the rocks which you’re coming up the road.

And you especially when you’re doing recce and you’re in regular speed and you’re like oh wow how are we gonna go through this this like orange and topple orange on top orange because the the.

Crews that are going through the stages at New England force running.

Before the recce they spray paint this bright orange on these big rocks that are sticking out of.

The ground but then when you’re at the car when you’re at speed you tend to kind of focus on that rock that’s thinking out of road rather than looking forward ahead and that’s kind of distracting in my opinion to the drivers but yeah sometimes it you.

Get a lot of flats sometimes that’s why I’m I was impressed.

With the guys that you were talking to at the BMW with a hammer racing hammer sport racing that they only gather one flat and really it was caused by their off rather than you know on the stage so stuff roads they’re a lot nicer now than they were back in the years obviously conquer Pontus you know.

Spectacular stage and probably one of the best ones in us so these painted rocks then are these the baby heads that people have been telling me about their big babies let me tell you small children sometimes not just babies yeah that’s a term I’ve heard several times from the area is that some of the local guys that you call baby heads because it’s these domed you know rocks that are it’s like the road is growing rocks if they just kind of jet up but they’re.

Not necessarily sharp edged ones right there they’re kind of little more rounded but they are plentiful and like you said Greg there is on you know you’ll be on recce or if you go on at speed this probably.

Just a blur of orange sometimes because there’s so many of those things and it makes me wonder with a guy with somebody’s running.

Limited two-wheel drive or you know something that’s definitely more production-based like those guys from Hammer sport do you try and dodge.

Every one of those things or you just like you just put in the notes like well here’s the best line and I know I’m gonna hit X many of them which is fewer than if I went this.

Tough and you know it’s it’s really tough to tell sometimes because sometimes it’s easier or or better to just go.

You know you hit him you hit him especially where we’re right Rowley tire that can take a lot more than a street tire but sometimes in the suspension like you know I guess these guys were they’re using OEM suspension it’s really tough when you’re a really hit one then even your back is gonna feel it.

Right right well and I guess that’s one.

Of the things you know for this event Travis was saying that you know they got to a section where the car was just dancing as it was going along and I’m guessing that’s kind of just going from one of those orange painted rocks to another just kind of bouncing along them just kind of floating along but of course you know the suspension that SRT USA runs is well.


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