There is no match for that right I mean it’s the content stuff yeah well you know.

Whatever battery McKenna runs and I’m not sure what suspension is his fiesta you know obviously we saw him on the jump and that suspension can take a lot and then the landing was pretty spectacular and that.

Car looked you know beautiful the the suspension travel is.

It’s what’s really really working for these guys for us for our cars for supercars and you know for Barry you know but then you got you.

Know guys like Jeff see horn and you.

Know he his suspension is also you know upgrade and also you know a good quality but the travel is is a lot.

Less and that’s where you know the huge different comes in and.

I guess yeah I guess we want to talk just real quick about that jump you were there with me and there are a couple of exciting moments from that one I don’t think either of us I.

Mean we saw Barry jump last year and it was pretty big I don’t think any of us had an idea what he was gonna do this year that that almost scared me yeah when you were standing on the.

Side of the road and you know we weren’t really that close to the road and and you’re see this car take off and you’re seeing entire on the body of the car pretty much.

Almost over your head then it’s like wow that was pretty spectacular that was like Finland like yeah it was seriously Finland like and that’s what they say about.

Conquered pond right it is the most finish like stage out there with it having constant crests and turns well Kress in a turn which makes it kind of have that kind of look and feel to something like that it’s not that long of a road conquered ponds what like six miles maybe five.

A five yeah four I think the stage is four point eight or somewhere on there but yeah it’s just a lot of a lot of jumps and the stage used to have even more jumps back in a day they kind of been shaved off over the years some of the jumps you know a lot of guys like you know a name for some of the guys that are listening.

Christa Plessy knows this road very very well he used to live not far from there and you know then he probably didn’t even need a co-driver on this road and some of the jumps that he was taking in his r2 fiesta on that road were pretty pretty spectacular what he.

Could have done on that in that little car speaking of two wheel drive cars on that jump one that was really spectacular also to see because he had quite the moment was that Lexus which.

Is also in unique car the Lexus is350 that Michael Hooper has and so he’s running that in open two wheel drive rear wheel drive car out there boy he had a bit of a moment when he went over the first time yeah sort of this hooking the they had away you know he definitely.

Touched touched the edge of the road day and you know when I think about him in his car I find I match it to the guys that you were just talking to the BMW it’s rare car and you know the way that he you know drives it in the way that he handles it.

It’s really really spectacular for is you know not longer very experienced in a rally car from what I know you know he’s doing.

Very very good Alexis Alexis wait a minute Alexis yep okay I guess you can rally absolutely anything you like thank God yeah I guess we’re just gonna wait from okay okay.

I guess we’re just gonna wait for a Rolls Royce.

To get out there now every day yeah you know I guess there’s all just putting that time and effort to building it out to something that can be competitive when we talked to Michael Hooper.

Actually he was saying that he got underneath one of these I guess he does a lot with Toyota’s and he got underneath and looked at how the the multi-link suspension on the rear of it was or whatever and he said wow this looks strong and would work well for rally so that’s why I ended up with.

One of those so alright cool impressive to have something different out there and he comes all the way up from Tennessee I think so another long haul competitor and great to see him out.

There yeah there was a lot of unique stuff out there actually one thing that I hadn’t seen in a long time at a rally we have.

Some even older versions way out here out west but we had Pascal bumper and of Tim O’Neil he actually got to rally for once instead of crew chief he was out there in a Saab 900.

Now sobs those used to rally all over the place all the time didn’t they Greg.

In Poland but Scandinavia has tons of them and it’s it was great to see to.

See Pascal and in the car I know that here in the Mount Washington two years ago I think it was last year 27 to his last climb yeah yeah correct and I’m not sure if it was the.

Same car but he you know he he enjoys being in the car I know that he does some little events at the rally Sprint’s at the team O’Neil rally school.

There’s always something going on.

There so glad to see him in a real rally and got to him enjoying being behind the wheel anybody who rallies a Saab is.

Okay in my books doesn’t matter if it’s a 904 up for.

Older of course but anybody in a Saab is good in my books well I hear here we like seeing the classics out there for sure one of the other classics we saw is that a proper Ford Escort RS 1,800 Frank Cunningham he’s one of the guys that’s.

From Ireland and I guess he was concurred to.

Come out here I think he’s friends of Seamus Burke and you know he competes.

In Ireland and he had the car shipped over here to the States he was out at STP R as well and I got to talking with him and he says he.

Plans on doing the entire championship in 2019 he really likes rallying here in the state so the escort RS 1,800 will stay here also compete more so he didn’t have a good day on Saturday the final day he had some issues and didn’t want to chat with us that we’re as everybody.

Was kind of getting ready to pull into the service he wasn’t really up for chatting so hopefully we’ll see.

You know jib away if not like said we’ll see it definitely the whole championship next year which is really cool so more classic cars from Europe being here in the States I’m a.

Fan yeah it’s it’s great to see I hope that Joe Burke joins Seamus and and Frank here and kind of travels with them around the country and does his full championship as well oh that’s right Joseph Burke that’s right he’s a boy he’s quick.


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