I was like something’s wrong I completely forgot to turn on my microphone everybody SS nine five eight back here again for another awesome nine five eight wheels Wednesday and my cameras all whacked up I thought I had it set up but apparently I didn’t there we go that’s a little bit better anyways we’re back here in WRC seven.

We’re gonna see what fun we can have tonight in the mud plain in the mud seeing how things pan out here hold on a second I’m a little little.

Discombobulated right now to the fact that I was actually doing something beforehand I kind of got a little bit of a late start here sorry about that folks come on let’s go fudge.

Oh there Nicholas welcome to the strand thanks for joining in good to see ya I just got a few things that I need to fix on this end of the stream there we go now stuff is coming up alrighty let’s get this roll in here but I’m no pun intended info and settings and oh wait I’m supposed to press.

X I thought that was like a loading thing my bad we’re going in the solo we’re going back into career and we are going to continue the game should load pretty quickly this one loads pretty quickly so let me fix the settings on this.

And real quick and then we will get going and start doing some rally here thanks for sticking around Nikolas.

And wait haven’t seen you before that’s weird hey anime dude welcome to the Strand thanks.

For joining in good to see ya that’s weird if you’re saying you’ve not actually seen but you’re somehow subscribe interesting you might have caught one of the GPS GPS gameplay shorts.
I do a bunch of those so maybe you caught.

One of those at a quick point and you liked it enough I don’t know but hopefully you do stick around and you have some fun around here I just got to upload a thumbnail real quick give me a quick second here folks this should be going right through and then we will get underway and we will continue on our rally course now I will admit and thank you very much Anna me.

Dude you can’t really make the cars in this game but you select what team you race for.

And you know based on what team you race for it depends on what type of car you get and I like four I like Ford I like the Fiesta I like the how the Fiesta looks I was hoping that I was going to be able.

To drive a Ford Focus however apparently they have little tribe to focus and rally anymore I don’t.

Know the entire story behind it but apparently the focus is not well it’s not in this game at least thank you very much Nicolas yeah I.

Do do a bunch of different games but you know you can feel free to drop.

In on the ones you’d enjoy and hopefully you do stick around and enjoy them alright um let’s see here q all right that should all be set up so we should be good there and we are good on that and I can read your guys.

Chats as it comes through and yeah let’s let’s go to Oh calendar let’s check out the calendar a nightbot welcome to the stream alright so I’m guessing this is.

Really uphill that should be interesting that is wow that is really downhill that should be even more.

Interesting um yes I believe this game is a lot like dirt I actually do have dirt rally for I think it’s called it’s buried under and bunch of stuff right now I have to get.

Running but I do have dirt really for which honestly I’m actually probably gonna take a look into that game on one of these 9 5 8 wheels Wednesday maybe once we get through WRC or something like that we’ll take a look at that.

One but I do believe this game is a lot like dirt I think it might be kind of like competitor if you will kind of like you have the crew and Need for Speed and stuff like that so that at least is flat that’s really downhill again that goes uphill and then.
Downhill and then flat ok um.

Should be an interesting stage if that is the next one I bet should.

Be the next one I hope it’s the next one yes I’m sure I.

Want to go to the next rally where are we ah itinerary now we’ll be able to see exactly what races we’re gonna be alright at.

Least they ones only one race day two and day three are two races each though so that’ll be a little interesting I guess we’re let me check out my configuration oh let me check out what they are that’s a hundred percent tarmac that’s tarmac tarmac tarmac tarmac all right so it looks like we’re 100% tarmac here which is cool we’re.

Configure a car real quick alright so we’re looking at tarmac right now I hear you Nicolas um well I mean you this game’s more technical this game is more of a simulator if you will rather than like say an arcade game that has a lot of customization to it this games a little more technical so it does let you customize so I’m like in the customizer right now.

But it’s not necessarily visuals this is like you really get in depth with.

Like tire pressures what tires you’re using how like stiff your suspension.

Is gear ratios and stuff like that so it’s it’s a different type of customization.

All right front suspension I honestly the last few times we’ve been here arm I’ve actually liked it I like this this configuration so I’m actually gonna stick with it we’re just gonna go ahead.

What the first race brings us a very good choice necklace I’m always drinking Dr Pepper Dr Pepper is like wife for me doo-doo-doo-doo waiting for the.

Load so you got to remember I’m in like a more difficult setting so but yeah I can’t actually I had to hold handbrake while I’m rubbing the car at the beginning 100% tarmac awesome nope that’s not handbrake.

What’s Hambrick and Rick is circling this life-form intellect form need to write more long birdie mr. Kings a heartbreaker like war have been my long.

Whoa if I was not expecting that and like door opens past wrapped.

Up oh that’s flat right in the left 5 o’clock think I need to move the notes.

Likewise short My Ride burning white wine over crest 150 this is a very very narrow track that let my Madre keep following now look at ease now that could have gone a lot better trial and error fight there we go only problem is in this kind of racing if you were doing this in real life there’s just you can’t heavier whoa jeez okay that what.

Was that actually try doing this Oh hard left for like into Christ folks I’m over a mom hill so I actually learned from one of my friends that the the number is kind of irritating what a.

Good type of turn it is however it’s actually indicating what year you’re recommending a I thought was very loudly I guess I never realized that.

About rally Morty take long title mine you know I’m so used to a mini-map even.

The driving without one is very.

Anything that’s like why you see brake why do you say brake brake brake brake okay 100 know why I said break hey happy Halloween here welcome to strain thanks for joining in Wow left five into white three cut 150 where are you in fact that right turn-turn damn it then degree open I’m.

Poison haystack in intellect three standard it used to say haystack he said haystack there is a haystack to let more people in 6b left three titles in flat right 80 boiling over bombs Burtie Padre Consuela cards 40 left five and that.

Right over bumps that’s humorous front bumper Georgian Heartbreakers well.

It’s like 3:30 Western economies turns to where I don’t cut opens in telemetry break Titans 200 months wait Jesus Colton law-breaking square Roy 60 square right that’s your faster faster saved it it’s black right don’t cut 120 you know now I understand those videos with tractors crossing the road well it really rocks rocks rocks huh Alfie Suellen.

Ed turn out of out right now those cuts 13 right three don’t cut it left three short don’t cut 150 orchard heartbreak square right 14 square right cut it’s a flat left into my five don’t cut tightened my Dodge Charger team white my note card very slick big night right now is about hours however a bad night at Flagler Albertine we it might fix over bun and then why bin the torsion bar Dragan squarely now Alfie left five titles my 120 guests hub is better ah Drake it’s like five portion items where right.

Birdie planned right opens pink left in the black Bertie at least we.

Got somewhat of the right wider road here 100 like more birdie flat right Bertie.

Left for in turn three Titan swear right don’t cut.

Right to 30 okay not expecting you I’m stuck stuck we’re good I got it left 5:30 white 6:30 right five and then we have had a cosmetic amateur ty5 60 left for Titan and right three short intellect three short 60 break every right and white six title I’m Bertie Racing its turns kind of feel like I’m not gonna let that happen don’t cut.

Up my droid Bertie I’m gonna go fast I tend to get going fast they have to stop a.

Turning point stick like my 13 and left for Titan that white – sure – doughnuts Rigby or cut and write three 200 like my break into the pool I am a break a sweat right Bertie now because that turns so sure all right I guess if the left Boyd birdie right five don’t cut and why three.

Short Bertie to 13 like horn shortcut wait the K terabyte the guardrail or run into a major my mom I’m like mine and right why Philip 340 break-ins well Bernie left five and thirteen that is nice for very long Tointon like ever latter tracks I’m pretty sure I’ve been here but cow before but I haven’t done these tracks left 5 and 13 motion heartbreak square left three short barrows Billy right.

To tighten sweater boy after playing like he needs s be drivable those who came back like crew and stuff I really didn’t get used to this game going from our cut arcade-style street-racing Moines to a simulation rally game oh Jesus why would you stand there in my birthday fortune open heaven light Bertie left and right wide keep it dirty let’s fix tighten thighs like five.

Fighters break tighten they’re six and right all.

Those cuts this is one of the real mcdowell associated Rachel okay last that finish what made it medalist my back bumper.

Or my front bumper and everything else on the car but we have made it and we are in eleventh that is not going to do all right let me catch up on chat yeah I guess I’m not really a huge fan of any any holidays honestly yeah we’re a little bit ahead of you we’re about.

An hour ahead of you Nick Nicholas we are at 10:23 here and I’m sure when that message came through it was like 10:17 yeah I think there’s something new here where everybody has to be off the streets if you’re triggered trading by eat or something like that I don’t know here in like the Buffalo area oh gosh but well it’s not very nice necklace well then well.

I look at chat Peter just I have to wait until I you know finish the race because I got a like focus on it right um yeah we’re doing.

Square which starts starts the race again dr.

Up time it’s done right horn intellect more in the right format long birdie into cakes at heart break born into heaven I love a happy.

Life screwed up that turn again like opens okay what the heck I I seriously feel like that this track is probably not meant for speeding what’s wrong what.

Right if you left my long like my jaw in my right birdie the white.

Boy under 50 my boy ah draining 13 square right don’t cut 30 left five very long oh no what okay read the sign item you might fall one bland right enterprise and right more than uphill narrows 100 bland.

White of danger over or Junction mind it was a shortcut 120 plan Roy pick me are you like ah and that is why I don’t read chat when I’m racing Peter I was trying to do it in white six long titles mine like 50 downhill into square that.

I got this overpriced flat boy 120 left five into white three cut left 3 over 2 batteries letter-based that get into right three female I didn’t sixty.

Then three-pointer in plan right ad flat rate but turn my speakers let my am i doing Bertie ocean adres we’re left car left fine a plan right over month I and.

Odd writings when narrows into my three intellect three break tighten square left 200 bombs caution Padre square right 60s where right car 13 right your cards what danger left.

For Titan you might break their section you get a little bit of speed Suellen cut it flat right Titans ow intellect 3 Titan No.

Thirteen right three don’t cut intellect three short don’t pass 100 portion pádraig swear right horny we’re right cut it’s a flat left it’s white wine Oh – my god 30 white my god opens Square right – if this was ground 550 ocean heartbreaking square let’s narrow 50 left 5 items 5 120 heart rate it right five portion items where I burn the flag icon.

Black 11:30 left stick into my vibe lots of really wide attorney but it was just such an error of course and then that happens it’s I’m gripping so much that’s why my car that’s why I keep late.

Okay and I kinda get was my birdie plan right.3 because I’m on tarmac we got my.

Car dripping boy and I’m Leighton recovery used odd right in the head it’s white 6:30 master why my Anna left more 13 white.

560 tighten the right three short its left.

Three short cz and bad bad like and right six licensed by Verdi let three short that have been left don’t cut a flat right 13 right I.

Was reading a comment I completely forgot all about that kayak it’s right by you’re 50 left more cut and y3 200 right my break you select all right three Titans swear right birdie.

Thirteen right bye don’t cut and write three shortened birdies in the left too long 13s not sure air while.

In the stream I saw you up in there they have like three jaw right my former team and right my intellect 340 or should break well gosh darn it what okay pottery okay the worst time and write more short 13 write more shortcut 40 fortune Padres where electri short narrow busy right – Titans sweatshirt Nara 13 left three opens Wow shorty right three people and one let us keep it 40 ah I.

Section Oshin odd right left Kim Han midlet 120 okay open it.

And apparently tell me though I don’t like this stupid I’m like my messes with your eyes so much perception five tighten break and No and their six white ball department yep electric car into like three or shaded 4d Lord giveth moly Oh.

What Lloyd Warren long bushy just to get this series nerdy’s talent and finish oh yeah.

We dropped two spots not cool all right let’s well I mean you did the title thing but then AR did the title thing that’s obviously not right oh really you have to be a mod to do that command Peter can you do a total.

Thing but most people can’t if if that’s the thing that shouldn’t be a thing everybody should be able to pull up the title that’s weird yes we’re gonna start again doo doo doo doo doo all right let’s crush this course as I.

I know I’m gonna point out we can have a little more short with the heartbreak like worn in a hairpin right love left Bertie in the habit and right form opens long and tightens for Nicolette I’m long white 5 a jaunt in flatland the plat right 13 the pipeline overpriced 150 right for short and caution.

Left by far Drake 30s where right left five very long heartbreak tighten into my core 100 land right enterprise intellect form over bubs 100 laughs Oi a danger over Titans in two by five Shawn don’t card 20 what Roy 50 let’s dig in white six long poisons my if you left my.

Short break 15 break-ins where that don’t card from downhill it’s a square left overpriced flat right 120 left five into my three 50 Oh taste a kid in the right even 50 right for Titan intellect more six feet make my favorite thing that he says is that of course you could let Roy 80 my father bomb madres.

Wet 14 left buy a flat right over bust portion adres where into like three birthday swear right don’t cut intellect.

Three break Titans swear let 200 bumps caution vibrations where i-16 swear right 30 right really into a ditch danger left warned item more repeats whether a heat death big little jump there swirl it cut it flat right Titans Oh intellect 3 Titan don’t count 13 right 3 don’t cut it are you can’t you don’t cut 150 Oshin heartbreaking square right 14 square right cut it’s a flat left in the right 5 note card title mine 13 white wine 36.

Items more gosh darn a 50 lake literally just tapping the brakes in this course like book makes me spin out it.

Might take 50 portion Padres we’re left Narrows Bickley left by Titans my 120 heartbreak in termite by portion tightens square right birdied plaid ride with opens people and into black left birdie my love buddy.

Hebrides 100 like Morton Bertie Bertie into right three Titan.

Burdened let my birdie hard right into heaven life point six thirty ah wine wine and left more short don’t Bertie white 560 Titan and y3 short intellect three short 60 break and in right and right six Titans 5:30 left three short that have been left a.

Teenager back Bertie left six and white six my 13th and that’s all I did I do on short 50 left war cut and white three two Wi-Fi break right three Titans we’re right 30 Happyland intellect my Bertie what your mind I don’t remember the same yield rival I say actually Farrelly is an all wheel birdie right for George cars a danger right free sure I left more love I.

Am 30 and right my intellect 340 orchard breakers where Lamberty almost immediately as those things show up literally let my dad kind of like boy what’s very loud that goes to a rope what allows the crop to be planted that close to a wolf never unemployed sorry dr. Carr morning Len Wein the birdie heartbreak square right electric short narrows 50 right – Titans swear right two cards and thirteen left three opens – might fall short forty.

Right three keeping a flat left Titans my 15 left keep it 40 caution heartbreak left 6:30 portion open like birdies floodlit a right boy keep in Bertie my five by the lake out seriously and their 6a right all don’t cut get the right three blue shade for me as Liz Amir who like more.

Keep it all my lord long bushy finished now seriously WTF you know what that’s the best I’ve gotten and honestly I don’t feel like.

Just gonna take that what do you mean you hack like I understand you have to activate it but can only moderators activate it or I feel like everybody who’s watching the stream should be able to activate that Peter is what I’m saying all right repair yeah we definitely want to repair the engine well yeah we definitely want to repair brakes tires yeah that’ll probably be a good thing spen shin yeah there have enough for bodywork oh we.

Wait what you can’t repair bodywork oh we can all right well I mean yeah that that.

Under the hour limit by 5:00 or minute.

Limit by 5:00 so all right let’s go to start I guess this one is all downhill wonderful I hope it’s not through the friggin grapevine field and it doesn’t look like it that’s.

Good we’re on part one of day two hey Jason welcome to the strand thanks for joining in happy Halloween in my day is going very well pretty much like kind of a.


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