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org and the syrian state media and believe me there is little doubt that this is actually happening is reporting that air defenses have struck down Israeli missiles at v– or near the Damascus Airport and why the Damascus Airport well they’re still claiming that this is where you know the Iranians are.

Taking missiles bring them to Lebanon let’s just read this one and then we’re actually going to show you the missile strike getting warded but this conflict is so close to being red-hot and.

We’re gonna explore that in this video Syrian military air defense down several missiles that Israel fired in an act of aggression near Damascus Airport on Saturday syrian state media said an Israeli military spokeswoman said Israel does not comment on foreign.

Reports does not comment on Foreign reports well the video evidence is pretty clear um this does not look like a US strike thank God however the United States we’re gonna get into the militant the insane million military drills the Marines just did there in Syria in depth and how dangerous those are Oh during.

The more than seven year conflict in neighboring Syria Israel has grown deeply alarmed by the expanding cloud of its arch enemy Iran.

A key ally of Syrian President Bashir al-assad Israel’s air force has struck scores of targets as it describes them as Iranian deployments of arms.

Transfers to Lebanon’s iran-backed Hezbollah movement in the war our air defense systems thwarted an Israeli missile aggression on Damascus.

International Airport Syrian state news agency sa n/a cited a military source is saying so now remember it’s pretty open this is an article from July here our goal is to push Iran out of Syria that is not the only goal we know this the goal is to get Bashir al-assad out of there they want Assad out of.

There that’s it they want a pro-western Pro Saudi Arabian leader in that nation it’s that simple that’s the reality.

Of the situation in fact Tulsi Gabbard was recently on Jimmy Dore show and she was openly talking about this is what they want talking about our forces and how it makes.

Her sick to her stomach that their training with al Qaeda we’re renaming them rebels just like we renamed them from being the Mujahideen the freedom fighters that we were once allied with and then you know somehow we use these semantic gains and it’s ridiculous it’s ridiculous so let’s watch the missile strike here a Doc’s thank you so much for the super chat keeping us in in business here let’s.

See watch Syrian air defense repel Israeli air strike and this is Sputnik news so this is you know state-run media but again folks.

Take a look knocking this one right here out of the sky not a lot of action but at least we’re not seeing explosions and death because.

A lot of people out there that want to see explosions and death for some reason in these regions I don’t I don’t I don’t care if it helps win an election well he said if they went into it leave he’d go eat strike trouble strike there.

You go there’s no boom knocked out of the air so obviously you know military reports this is turcica really frightened yourself if you lived there if you were in that region if you were in Italy.

And now you have us-backed Syrian forces entering a village held by Isis now these.

Are the same forces that just trained with our Marines and when you see that video my god my god now they’re saying that they have to go in.

Isis is strong there and they just killed 20 freedom fighters so now we have to go back in us-backed forces now have to go into that village they want the quagmire they want to be in there again as long as.

It takes to take out Assad and this escalation is so dangerous that I don’t understand how anybody with any legitimacy could promote this the big boys are playing Russia is very heavily involved that we’re gonna get that in a minute in fact so Russian state media is saying this the thing you just read in the New York Post they’re saying it was.

A pretext staged by white helmets so the US can attack Syria put those boots on the ground if you will okay and again when you have Marines drilling in Syria with the rebels what else do you call it and here’s that right here.

And and you know this this is some draw dropping stuff for our mission we conduct a company size two loader insert into.

Nosy and Syria which established a defense and we’re preparing to launch a demonstration my name is sergeant Matt Yannick I’m an infantry squad leader with their battalion 7th Marines India Company and look how.

Dramatic the footage this is some well cut stuff very well produced talk about propaganda okay and by the way the article says the.

Real only reason they’re doing this is because the terrain at Twentynine Palms where they’d usually train isn’t rough enough that’s not what this is about this is again preparing our Marines.

With the rebels who are al-qaeda who supposedly attacked us on 9/11 and are our supposed enemies but not any more in Syria to fight Isis it’s nuts.

And they’re on the ground with them in this exercise slow-mo yard the security for this cop we’re responsible for keeping everybody in all our operations inside here safe these you never know if and when the attack and come I don’t want to get the the video pulled for copyright reasons or or anything like.

That but you know you know well let’s let’s play it without the sound look at look at this look at look how shot this is again training with the Syrian forces our Marines in Syria do you understand how dangerous this is all right now Putin as we’ve talked about is getting involved and.

He’s getting involved big time he’s concerned he’s concerned and he’s so concerned that they just had the largest military exercises off the coast with China and you know Eurasia is a very unstable place right now when world powers like Russia are drilling in.

A manner they never have before and the Marines are on the ground in Syria and there’s only one town left one small province I mean it’s a large province I don’t want to trivialize the size of it but.

This is it this is it everybody else is gone this would mean bye-bye USA we lose another one of these quagmire esque wars especially when Russia comes in you rember when Russia was stepping in the very very end of the Obama administration said no you know what we’ll start to fight Isis all of a sudden Isis wasn’t the biggest problem in the world anymore all of a sudden they were getting driven back and now they’re in such a small area.

But has the conflict gotten smaller no it’s only grown and gotten larger and.

You have airstrikes near Damascus being thwarted and Israel you know that they’ve hit over 200 targets in the last year you just don’t hear about it you think they’re gonna be broadcasting this on CNN huh you think they’re gonna show you the footage you know again Twitter be an open platform without you this type of information does not get out there you know are these videos going to be played ad nauseam no they’re not and.

It’s not gonna be a panel of people talking about how we should get out of this conflict get out of this war no we need to stop Assad before he uses.

Chemical weapons on his people and you know lou dobbs in the past has done some pretty good work okay they relegated him to fox business you know he told a lot of the truth regarding our economy regarding globalization but here he has Jack keen a retired.

General somebody who has been whispered.

About to supersede James Madison defense secretary lying and lying and lying again about chemical weapons and how they know Assad has used chemical weapons there’s not a question just like nikki Haley getting up before the UN and declaring there they’re.

Readying we know they’re readying a chemical attack as they always do as they like like it benefits them in any manner any manner but here it is he’ll tell you in a moment the president.

Though being clear that the United States would retaliate he wasn’t specific in what manner if.

The Assad again uses chemical weapons how long is the judgment on chemical weapons how do we how how confident are you that we have the ability to make that determination without a doubt no I’m confident about it and we’ve been accurate and every time that we called it well we’ve been accurate every time we’ve called it Lou every time we’ve called it we’ve been.

Accurate what what the most recent non chemical attack is in no attack occurring is proof that’s a lie okay and again when people did start following where those weapons came from it didn’t go back to Assad okay okay Jackie let’s bring it back one.

More time I want to loop it because Lou Lou we got to get a little better at this man we got it we got to start.

Calling out the nonsense here it is again a difficult moment the president though being clear that the United States would retaliate he wasn’t specific in what manner if the Assad again uses chemical weapons how reliable is the judgment on chemical weapons now but how do we how how confident are you that we have the ability to make that determination without a doubt no I’m confident about it and we’ve been accurate and every time that we’ve called it.

You know follow-on inspections have come up with the same answer that we did in our preliminary analysis so you know any airplane that takes off in Syria we have full visibility of the thing running down the runway I don’t need.


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