What’s up guys welcome back to the channel today we’re actually going to do something a bit more different I’ve seen it around here and I have no idea what it is it’s called Top Gear limo bowling car bowling is proof a car can make anything better instead of rolling a ball down the lane to hit some pins you’ll.

Be the ball racing the knock down pins set up for you along the track it’s a perfect.

Way to practice drifting and sliding awesome perfect I explained everything now it’s really sounds bowling with a car or something I’m pretty good at for two reasons number one I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff in a car in my life number two I took bowling as a class in college the whole idea is just like when you see a professional bowler it’s all about the spin you got to get in there and you.

Car as wide as possible think about it from a style point but also the harder you hit that pin the harder it hits other pins okay first of all I have a question who takes bowling as a class.

In college because that’s really something I’ve never participants we’re gonna take off stability control women keepers as is have no idea.

What to expect him limo ball come on that’s crazy ah we missed it no come on okay that was okay can’t see anything okay I think I’m pretty bad at limo bowling seriously this car just looks like well with wheels the old target is 4,600 now as goal target is 460 K well so the gold ones are valued at as more or less or what’s up at that okay I can’t miss them I think.

That was good enough and in the rain and the link was actually a pretty good drifter which is really unexpected I’m not sure.

What I’m supposed to do here as this was beautiful this was a beautiful shot I’m pretty sure I miss them over here what actually accidents have changed Spears because I’m running with the right stick as the gear shifter.

I’m still playing with the controller I forgot to mention this I think this.

Is doable is it isn’t it passport second-to-last corner and this is the last corner that’s beautiful almost only two were left standing that was beautiful oh man that was good was pretty fun event I guess all his bowling classes in college didn’t really help him maintain his high score and this is it for.

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