All spectacular accident did little more than completely rearrange the rs200 spotty work leaving the spectators to collect a few souvenirs but it did cost him over two minutes if takahe akamaru by tells the story there’s a tap from Gary Carson of Erick Gill and nanny kiss yeah there we go loose mag it’s in the side there of the.

Red Cow entry of Lieber and what may is able to skip away so is Wilson and here’s where it gets ugly leave us just left out in moments that that’s a lot of death you know Rob Rob javis and they in the second round in the series got a lot of work to do.

Is your country certainly if you want to only ute you’re gonna come to the races you’d live here in Darwin it’s that’s nasty Matt Kingsley’s involved there as well that.
Will get their patterns out for the weekend and Donis has been.

Put to the rear of the grid now that’s a sudden stop is that that’s a same location where Paul Radisson wears clothes there to the tire final bit of a touch javis a Gary McDonald it’s gonna be someone.
Big cabbage losing that Kim giant as well.

Gary McDonald nowhere to go from behind he’s hit this chain reaction this patter in the end saw who ends up in the face Oscar or Gabi Aviva trevita even an assistant.

On the metro 7000 technical readiness industry to tell you the shocking in euros fyo.
In cementited occurs ultimate to meet renewal for gab.

The spectator Sola Houdini 8 a year the province to go Jae dong gun cocks in the company for massachusett them ilha de nom it emerged a respected soon or reject were ill is indefinite given a new novel they sorta Capelli what about a sink remained opposed him users are.

In peril easy nowadays I hear intruder who custom the Satya Kefka backs in her new novel Angela you can put a toe film untestable.

Kinematic amused oxy spoilery the big powerful 280 horsepower over been threaded carefully over this very first test but Tom’s luck is about to run out once again all right let’s.

Get a look the cars sickening impact against a tree spells serious damage and it’s quite clear the rover.

Isn’t going to go much further Pond tries desperately to extricate the stricken machine but it’s to no avail Donavan co-driver Rob Arthur voices the two men’s worst fears from outside the carnage looks even worse.

As Marshall spring to the team’s aid somehow or another they’re going to try and get it back on the road and to the end of the special stage Siddhant on the subject of on-track problems grant Dania areas in the white huge competing last night that is a major.

Shut and we’re pretty lucky that grant is on deck and well enough to participate today in the pit lane reporting now he hits the back of that car but really only is a life-saving exercise he had no control over.
What was going on at that stage because his brakes were.

Gone grant you can fill us in on exactly what happened in the case sharing with Rhys McNally the younger brother of former Rookie of the Year claim but with no steering it’s just gone head on into the fence I’ve got no doubt he’s probably it’s a time to tell when something light.

Happens you know and whether the steering is broken or not you have a feel of.


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