Hey guys what’s up so this is the ultimate guide basically on how to get free music on Iowa’s ten device download it listen to it offline without the need of jailbreak or computer and like I said it’s totally free guys you guys kind of want to thank me after this kisses I’ve been looking a lot and this is.

Finally what I found so there in the Astro right now guys I can’t promise you if they’re still gonna be in there in the future you better cross those fingers or knock on wood and hope that this on the app store if not you guys hit the front.

App ID or apps just like this that can like download uh videos and stuff like that or did the fat to get these ads from someone who already downloaded I’m going to get their app ID but um there’ll be two links on description se one link down description guys and it will be the downloader and you guys will need the downloader is yeah I just download the ass fab just to practice right here this you down description guys.

And then you guys would want to get one of these which I had videos on okay Cove.
Use has before this I’ve videos on all these apps.

This one here this one right here this one here and this one here so any of them I just usually suggest this one right here that one or that one okay so once you guys download one those um I do have links down.

And I have links just for the downloader which is right here but you guys.

Want these three I already made videos on that and then if you guys go to the videos with them three on it I also have.

This link down there too but this video will.

Just be this link but um you guys download this one right here and then download one of them so I’m just going to download really quick guys it’s late it is 11 o’clock I said a shower so.

What I do for you guys and I get you know what all these crap and like that okay so once you.

Guys have at least one of these and the browser and file that app downloaded you guys are good to go so open up the browser one which is he.

And you guys can um so you guys will be here okay should all you guys want to do is go up here and do not type if you have YouTube installed you type up just like you know YouTube whatever and it’s kind of redirected YouTube so you gotta put in double w this is.

My method okay so you guys want to this method make sure you credit me and put my link.
Down description whatever and you know cramming the video and stuff like.

That but you guys can use this I mean not saying you can’t but just make.

Sure you credit make sure you credit me okay so putting like that wowt.com go and then you bring you to youtube someone’s eyes are here search let’s say I want to get closer okay closer by the chainsmokers which is zip I’ll see this video and then once you can play it’s going to ask you to download file tap on download.

ID only the copyright and then you guys will go under the bottom section and it’ll be downloaded so if.

Asks you again y’all ready download it tap on close and here’s right here guys and you have to see by that um like you know when you download app.

It’s that you can see how much part is left now it’s good so what you have to do is tap the three tabs on the right side tap in open in but if you guys have another app like this you guys could definitely um know open.

In that app I’m just like giving you example like that app so you guys at like add music like not copying music to your videos you open a rank you cut pro if you have editor or even iMovie or was the splice to or not cease.

Place so iMovie or do cut pro I prefer to cut pro but alright you guys and we’re going to open up in the app so open up and whatever okay Allah I don’t care and for me with this app guys it’s just load Trebek but it would be.

Download for you and you can actually play the app someone do.

The same exact thing but sighs open it up in my music like download song point my music playlist so let’s go here close okay three tabs open in I.

Have a tweak on my import which is right here and basically lets me like export I mean import like you know videos or songs to on my itunes store or to like my music playlist so tap on that okay and then that’s been imported so hold on here we go import and then I would.

Go to you guys if you guys Jerry Brooke I was 10 this.

It works just type up em IM P Oh arty okay and then once you guys do that you guys will go to a playlist and then purchased and then you see the chainsmokers are there tap on it video will be there guys and also this song so if you guys you know it’s pretty cool and you guys will believe me works offline i download it coming to my um airplane mode off okay and play.

Star wars let’s prove you guys okay kick it out go to my music offline turn off airplane mode or cut the Wi-Fi he says you are fine playlist purchased still working guys in eat you.

Even have the video right there how cool so now we can.

Turn back on Wi-Fi and yeah guys it was that easy so thanks guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed any questions concerns comments whatever leaned on competition below or add me on instagram brenda one two three four well at brown dog one two three four or twitter at brenda one two three four same name sell you guys and go to.

Spell that’s be oh it’s at and then BR en d OG and then.

Four no space so you guys peace out bye.


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