I’m that one finesse outside that don’t know the hey ah oh no stop I do that Oh got a wrong way down your damn nose white shit Janet I like stupid always no no oh I got a bed in here keep fucking playing okay I got any bad news I move my stuff you gotta be too stupid if.
He was using cocaine channel you gonna tear your fucking self when he died.

Oh no no no you do so much hard was oh an expiration alright okay another one I got it oh it’s.

The strip I washed it so it’s just how it is no no okay the black heart it’s always always yeah.

It’s black but it’s a matte gift card like the beauty store oh you know what I would we just I got I got my card I make up for it later Oh oh yeah 7-eleven and five players six months and always winning you.

Can let them cut okay honey cake honey darling man you left it in pre-k man I don’t why I do this it’s the third due this week and can you get out close the door my boyfriend he let you cheat yeah I’ll be.

All the bills he’s just a bum I mean I’ll give a fuck anyway April you got some comfortable Astro like you that hit that rock you here eat it yeah hi my man y’all got some food in here I eat.

Of roll there must be you watch we must see you told me you like mustard just try so new Nick I made you a turkey sandwich last weekend he was like I like Maxie I got some new today some new you what she.

Made you that sandwich nobody was talking to you all you ladies listen like this shake your body don’t stop don’t miss all you ladies pop you check your body don’t stop don’t miss just do it do it do it do it do it – fucking too fucking late too oh damn gym you must been doing some wrong day every day for well what they have in their China right now when I was like did you man.
Teddy Dan come over and Jules I got.

Now IG all my damn clothes on the damn flight no I never meant to first of.

All what it have is your damn clothes going over them that’s what it has become but you are not growing I.

Don’t know nothing the house that I control have kids for five years that should be a good 20 let’s get it off beautiful.

Day out today ladies walk on the opposite side of the street wait wait what wait-wait-wait-wait.


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