Hey this is the Nashik ax and 9000 there’s a bunch of extra marketing on the front of this it’s basically a cheap toy camera that will help you make film gifts that you’ve seen online so let’s check it out all right we have four lenses remember that the viewfinder doesn’t really look through the lenses so you’re gonna define.
That yourself this cloudy sunny setting really just places a washer in.

There so don’t really worry too much about that it’s pretty plastic iam pretty cheap let’s load some film in super quick so you take your roll.

And you pop it in the bottom and you pull it across and you just load it over the top you don’t have to do anything too crazy so.
Then they just wind it should catch and get up to s when you do your.

First kind of run and then you should be able to fire and keep going and it’ll kind of stop winding and then you can strip it there should be a hot shoe here so a flash should.

Fire when you’re shooting the shutter all right.

To get your film back there’s a little reverse.

Switch here and all I do is you pull that and then you’re able to.

Kind of lined the other way so pull the top and then kind of work in tandem just given a little pressure winding back slowly but surely when you’re doing this so you don’t break any spa sprockets or anything.

Like that it’s kind of a weird process and it’s just something I phone works there’s not really any manuals over here for this camera so you will absolutely feel the film like actually.

Comb all the way back and it gets free and it gets free really fast so it goes from that all you do then is open the camera by pulling down and then you.

Can put your roll out and get it developed and then go online and stitch your images together hope that helps you in your new sheikah adventure love to see what you do with these thank you.


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