Finally today ship mechanics got the chance to experience the new YouTube premiere future as you probably already know YouTube started rolling out this new feature just a couple of weeks back this is a new future that all creators on the YouTube platform will definitely have at one point but presently I don’t know when YouTube is planning on rolling.

It out to everyone but like I said you will soon have it on your YouTube channel eventually when you finally get the YouTube premiere future you will see this notification on the top of your Creator studio page in this video I’m going to take.

This new future for a ride beginning with how to enable it and probably discussing some ups and downs and.

Might find as I get familiar with the future so if you like to get familiar on how to also use this.

Future when you two finally rules it out to your channel then you have to keep watching this video for all that and much more coming oh hi there guys and welcome to tube mechanics a channel all about the.

YouTube and how it can help you grow your channel and share your passion in the mix so if this is your first time to this.

Channel make sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so you don’t miss another video so I got up this morning with this notification on my channel creator studio page saying that crema is now available for your channel.

Try it out to experience the debut of latest video live with your fans and take advantage of new revenue streams so officially this video is going to be cheap mechanics first.

Try on how to use this new feature and here is what I’ve learned about the tool so.

Far for a start what is YouTube premiere future in the first place how do you set up the new feature on your channel how I eternal viewers going to interact with.

The pre-made video when it goes live and what are some of those advantages and disadvantages of using this feature on your channel I’m quickly going.

To go through all these questions showing you what I’ve learned and hopefully by the end of this video you have a good knowledge on how to use the new YouTube premier future whenever you get it enabled on your channel so what is this YouTube premier future the YouTube premier future is a tool that allows you as a creator of a video.

To livestream and already recorded videos ready for posting basically you create a video on your channel as you will normally do upload and shedder it.

For a future date and time that will then allow your channel viewers to see a countdown to when the video will finally go live and they will also have the possibility to even activate a notification if they choose which will then allow them to be notified.

When the video finally goes live now after the video goes live it would take the.

Form of a live stream video viewers can chat with the video.

Creator just like they do on a live stream video if your channel is already enabled for monetization I think viewers will be able to donate through the live chat just like they do on.

Live streaming videos this is actually something I’ve been looking for ways to make happen on this channel but YouTube has made it easy for all youtubers allowing creators to take part live.


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