I don’t know that you rather daddy see me brokenhearted son who’s taking losses when you to make it work that would clear your cuss no one can see the future many times you try to call it out the more funny the more you fight to stay I guess oh well then we will find a way don’t look back.

Keep on baby don’t love enough for you Kings away like they got you ain’t the only one afraid trust a clue Oh polishing your cutters y’all this is usually where I’d chew your hands all over my skin truthfully right back good girl you keep it cool.

And you know I keep it cool hurt is my cancer now and always keep a few around but the way you’re scared out I can’t make your heart a playground Christian at your back let’s bring out I don’t know what you the color for some type of way know when I’ll always be alone and I see that you’re stuck baby Oh Alyssa don’t baby don’t love enough for you King braintrust I know ball is in your court job your hands all over my skin.

Try to escape it’ll be right back you.



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