Hello my name is Ethan nice to meet you I thought that I would make a proper introduction to my youtube channel since I’ve privatized all my videos from my house I think that this is going to be the real one because I’ve tried so hard to make good videos in the past I think that this one’s gonna be.

The one this one’s gonna be the introduction.

This one’s gonna be the one that you guys remember I’m gonna verify.

That if any of you saw my old videos I want to verify that I felt unhappy with what I was creating at the time I didn’t.

Feel like I was creating something that I legitimately wanted to do I felt like I was riding in the back of somebody’s coattails of all these other youtubers coattails that I II I want to make my own unique content that’s myself so I’m gonna introduce myself and that’s all this video is gonna be I want to tell you new viewer horrible viewer Who I am my name’s Ethan also known as confused teeth.

You’ve know my channel name you’ve seen it down there I’m 14 and I live in Washington State that’s pretty much all you need to know.

About I like vintage things but I also like new things and I like creating music and I think what I’m gonna do partly with this channel so I’m gonna create some music that you guys are going to enjoy I’m sorry this audio is bad I’m working on some microphone stuff I’m trying to get stuff.
Out of my mouth and into this microphone without.

A lot of trouble so I want to start it off and soon enough I will release a Q&A it’s going to be funny.
It’s going to be good but I want to verify.

That this video is a placeholder for what I’m doing in the future that’s all I have to say have a good day have a good afternoon hope you like the fireplace in the back just installed it I love you guys you guys and.
I’ll see you guys on Saturday..


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