Welcome to race day nothing guys is Nicole Graham hole will buckle Grill Boone oh boy this is gonna be great race strategy yeah that’s a strategy that’s my car setup the same it is what do we got 20 laps I’m gonna run a little light since clearly I’m not gonna use load high revs hey the sun’s out oh.

Oh oh I think we’re going at night oh we’re going five seconds yeah yeah right out there today okay okay oh boy oh boy nice start I got a nice start right behind curl RPG this is gonna be a mess yep it’s got that not bad.

Not bad could have been worse I got a warning for a collision right here okay great I’m sorry oh thank you sir I’m sorry yeah well again I’ll just have a faster car haha totally legal right what I did oh we got a swell spinner Wow sorry sorry.

Sorry whoa whoa no I spun you did oh I oh my god I almost flipped I’m fine five severe collision he hit me wow you are terrible at this game Oh come on.

Come on why did you do this are you talking to codemasters yeah okay it’s warning me if I don’t they’re gonna disqualify okay tune in the cone single-player series yes publishing every week every other day something every day.

Every day is it daily no you gonna have one season in couple weeks ah the sounds of surrender do my penalty and I was hoping they would just keep me there bring me some coffee it’s actually pretty clear up here there’s not too many people which is nice they’re all dead.

It’s a dead beef fast slap gorgeous gorgeous there’s nobody around me now I like it are you in last 19 okay well there’s somebody worse than you yeah my teammate oh well at least they’re working together oh come on that was bad whoa oh no what are you doing what what did he say I I went into the tunnel as he was saying something he bounded up into them yeah the the bad thing is there is a man parked sideways in the tunnel.

That was the bad thing did you see him I hit him hold on me too I don’t it seems like some people don’t know how wide their rear tires are and they keep tripping walls and spinning I do that a lot – it’s just for you trying to like get every last inch in it doesn’t work at times it’s all about that last things leave that one alone now when heating our teammate by 33 seconds oh man let’s look corner anybody else get a.

No that was the call I was getting as I just went into the tunnel oh yeah wrap it looks so sunny and Nicole it’s heavenly there’s somebody right on you Kurt what is no good night to the gem oh no it’s not that guy hi babe what’d you do talk to Tanya a little bit oh you touched my booty – oh goodness you’re gonna pass me Kurt yeah yeah butters oh and just murdered face I actually was trying to get out of your way.

They’re free to pass me end up cutting a corner pretty bad yeah but it worked out in my favor.

Still for now bump bump bump No oh gosh this month at the coffee sorry I don’t have a mute button I apologize for everybody so for everybody whoa whoa beef it’s.

Gonna get going Oh Colonel RBG the ghosts whoa I’m boxing also live I don’t have.

Did you go in to Kurt yeah I have a five-second penalty though for getting murdered on the first time oh that’s come on boys 2.7 seconds that’s terrible don’t go go he said go go go we’ll go standard fuel mixture I don’t think Richards a good idea at least a like get you regain control on.

A straight that’s right positive thing about this this track and how beautiful it is of course yes thank you Jeff for complimenting me on passing a car that was in the wall that’s classic Jeff all my teammates right behind.
Me we’re so similarly skilled it’s ridiculous.

Oh goodness gracious to ghosts I just I just plowed through that was illegal ever goal of the road I’m gonna get a penalty for this illegal overtake you something five-second stop and go pack I hate this.
Whoa this game sucks I got apparently a.

Coal it Wow talk about cutting corners commander ceiling jeez forget this now I’m man on a mission I got a penalty for for crashing into somebody so the stop-and-go penalty ass I have to actually pit for that mm-hmm wow that’s stupid yes there yeah.

But being Curt got to take of his while he was actually doing something constructive that’s called race strategy well I didn’t strategize getting a penalty after.

I pit wasn’t part of the plan oh man this is a traffic jam the Gator hairpin of the.

Gator kept in good I can’t believe that it said that I caused the collision and I had to give up my place they were ghosts and they were like sideways on the track and I ran through.

Them so technically there wasn’t even a collision you collided with their ectoplasm yeah collided in spirit whoo the major teat three second time penalty oh my goodness okay I have to remember to actually go into the pit oh okay oh god okay yeah just keep hitting me until I spin further that’s a good strategy I hate this track good and this game I’m backwards on the track I don’t know how to turn around to.

Be honest here here there we go well thanks much appreciated my friend I saw somebody using like a reset car is that a.

Button I’ve always wondered I apparently somebody I’d saw somebody but I think it’s a GD button much like in breakfast so you’re not supposed to use it well it is frowned with my moral integrity no I will not pass judgments only gas gotta pass something not passing any cars that’s for sure Jameson’s oh yeah that that oh gosh all right I.

Guess I’ll go into the pits again get my stupid penalty excuse me I’m sorry again now to sit here for five whole seconds I feel like.

An eternity oh my god what do they know they like wait for each other and then hit them oh wow it looks like oh no I don’t have the speed I just got placed.

With your packet cone Oh oh I’m flying the thing I once I was up the ground today that’s fun I am driving for Red Bull Oh nicely done it’s called synergy hey my cone my bad my bad sorry I think it’s no penalty for that oh I got.

A warning a very stern one okay hi backwards backwards and now I can traverse I’m just gonna race backwards look yeah it wasn’t illegal oh I keep getting hit you have to be facing the same direction in Qatar you overtake okay okay I can’t I can’t straight myself out there we go this is so much fun why it’s my guess yeah – – okay like something’s wrong.


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