I know girls look good are you guys there today we’re back with another stream and today you’re playing Mario Tennis aces back to it I’m ready to show everyone how much improved in these couple of often coming days I don’t know well clear I don’t know you guys can come challenge me if you want I’m down I’m not.

Alone today no I got the boy I’ve got the whole new gavel here I don’t let you play what now I hear you whisper whisper right yeah okay we like the other with us too but yes.

It would not be fun he thinks he’s a problem even though he hasn’t open up the game yet I need to teach him a lesson as well what’s up Koopa Troopa came out which is pretty cool I guess I’ll try to build him and I don’t I come down the – speedy Kiama to ski there’s nothing wrong with that all the way although I’m just open music alright oh wow okay well good you’d be able to hear the games or not I think we’ll find out we had two guys.

Can see koopa troopas here you get them early if he participated in a tournament yeah I would oh I’m calling in the tournament don’t wanna carry on I don’t know you two guys are super pro I wouldn’t say I’m super bro I just I would say I’ve been practicing I see yeah that’s all I can say really yeah I’m getting bail I found that I can only use Daisy cogito Luminox I also realized I refused to pay again it’s about the genius and starboard waluigi cuz they really tilt worthy they get.

Me super tilted i don’t think i’ve been i don’t think i’ve been as much as when i played those people but bothered you never even have to move he doesn’t even have to move and.

He does too much it’s so it’s so it’s so in my way okay we’ve got this peach it’s time the bottle of the princess is obviously the best princess will win Casey don’t have me.

Oh yeah we’ll see about how.

You guys did good out of the way Oh get down Oh doing it now okay I’m gonna win the wool fine I don’t know what I know oh my god let’s go I will bringing it back what husband the husband’s just the currency that I made for the chance okay you can.

Track it I’m shining it down right now peach you guys run Daisy Wow okay oh let’s go there Josh what stops you from getting that you think that she really altered that all your.
Hey what’s up yeah what I’m doing good I’m doing good somehow that.

Touch my buddy I’m gonna let it get to me good after five again you know they say first game just to.

Buy school a school we’re good yeah have you done any practices in you did I tell you me you don’t need both you not tell me right now you don’t know oh you wish you could verse one be one right now but you thought Oh why’s that you you have you have the game.

Was it because you don’t have the game I’m creating room singles computers of.

Them out and extended player I all run these rules you’re ranked.

25 in America also you do have the game I’m ranked 1007 in to you and William in the UK yeah I forgot we be where Wow even our to Jim when you’re on the game you got a free play online play oh and then you should see image what you do the solo workforce and then that should be my image there and then you just do it and then.

You catch this hand would you mean you’d have your switch on you oh well I’ll be streaming for a while.


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