Frig open officials say Serena Williams black compression bodysuit went too far and she won’t be able to wear it in future competitions so uh we have the video of this cat suit called a bodysuit cat suits a full body suit French tennis federation president bernard jeu de chelly told tennis magazine they will be instituting a new dress code.

This comes at the backs of this because.

Quote one must respect the game and the place I think it’s also important to note that Williams wears this suit to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots and that’s an issue that almost cost her her life after she gave birth to her daughter here’s a quote from Serena where she says you know I had I’ve had a lot of problems.

God I don’t know how many I’ve had in the last 12 months I feel like a we’re in it.

Like a warrior princess kind of Queen from what kinda maybe I’ve always wanted to be a superhero and it’s my way of being a superhero I’ve been wearing pants a lot in general when I play so I can keep the blood circulation going it’s a fun suit but it’s also functional so I play without any problems what do you I think you said this what’s your favorite story I love this story.

Because it’s like the most ridiculous outfits period to.

Me our tennis cuz it’s like kind of formal way yeah and you are running so quickly so much like tennis is an insane sport when you think about it’s like you stay on that there’s a net and like you’re hitting it so hard but everyone’s like climbing like.

They’re like golf everyone’s just like it just looks a little bit but tennis everyone wears like little skorts yeah and like why did we settle on that it’s this like ancient Country Club thing that it brought the ironic that you know that they’re saying this is disgraceful when this is obviously ultra conservative yet the other option is like tiny skirts and like tight things so it’s really ironic that this is considered disgraceful I mean I just think that.

They are just trying to like you know knock her down I think a couple months ago she came out and said oh look I’m getting another drug test and it turns out that she is the most drug tested female tennis athlete no surprise never had a dirty test yeah ever yeah she’s just better she’s a better athlete sorry about it yeah it get better and she is this thing you.

Have to respect the sport she is the sport tennis I would not have any interest in tennis you know for Serena Williams there was a thing in golf where you had to wear a polo shirt but then Dustin something started wearing like a.

Dry fit same length and everything shirt and for a second Dustin Johnson I remember but it was like someone and then they just said well.

Maybe not sure you can do that and everyone looked around and we’re like we’re being ridiculous go ahead and do it right um she has like a belt and everything it’s not like.

I just don’t understand what the problem is they should just absolutely let her do whatever she wants to do yeah she should maybe like appease them by doing something.

That’s technically like something ridiculous right that’s technically like no no this is a collared shirt just like weird polka dots and like strange other.


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