We are live from Boston covering the Shanghai Masters waiting for some folks to come on certainly there has to be some Djokovic fans out there well your man was playing spot on today folks I’m just sort of having my coffee here in Boston but we’re going to wait for for some folks to come on it’s a lot to.

Say about this match between CH orach and Djokovic Djokovic of course lifts the trophy in Shanghai for the fourth time we are again going to wait for some folks to come on I.

Think this is a strange time in fact we might try to go live later when there’s a little more traffic but the match has been over for a while it took place at such an early hour in Boston that I actually couldn’t wake up to watch it it was about. I just couldn’t do that sorry folks next time I will try to go and sort of burn the midnight oil in the Australian Open.

That happens to the matches take place at a really early hour but greetings for you folks coming on Novak Djokovic is the emperor of Shanghai so to speak this was a in fact a very competitive match at points I thought born at church did a fairly good job today I was quite amazed in fact at how he kind of kept on tickin kept on charging and.

Was even though he was sort of in the rearview mirror for most of the match and the match did have the kind of air of inevitability at a point hi John how you doing nice to see you.

I am interested in your views on this this could be kind of a slow time on YouTube to be honest but this was the best time for me to come on today again the match took place at a little too early of an hour for me this morning so.

Of course I watched the replay and I watched every bit of it and I want to talk about it I want to give you a nugget of course there are some.

Rankings implications I know for you Fed fans out there I hope there’s some Fed fans out there I know you’re probably living in kind of a grieving state at this point still and I understand that but as one of the commentators said of course we love the game of tennis we.

Love the greatest players the best players on the court of course as Federer clearly stated after the match yesterday born insurance was.

The superior player on the court and was in fact of something of a marvel to behold.

In many respects well Jorge continued I think the good form today there’s no reason that we should you know it be that skeptical about George’s future this was a great run for him he still have it the greatest season of his career I was doing.

A little bit of reading about Borna church and he had a real quick start to his career and recorded some really impressive wins good morning Francesco yes John shorts did not quite have the answers for Djokovic today the.

Djokovic serve was I think spot-on today just relentless.

We can look at some of those serving numbers to prove out that proposition on.

The serving numbers for the match Djokovic was 91% win percentage behind his first serve which is that was for the entire match folks.

He was virtually unbeatable unstoppable behind his first serves there were some commentary on Djokovic is sir herbs and the evolution of his serve.


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