Thank you for staying with us on the journeys prime toner turnoff of the sports I’m Gary L Smith and in today’s edition we begin with the new study block Queens have lined up three international friendlies I had off the woman’s African Cup of Nations which will be hosted in Ghana they’ve got Zambia they’ve got Kenya and they’ve got.

South Africa ahead of the competition and assistant coach messy Thiago believes the time is right for the team to engage in more high-profile games a lot of friendly matches.

Just like it hasn’t gotten the name international you don’t just play international you need to plan we are now in a calm pretty calm petition time and the pre competition time is why we need to play the international friendly matches.

To be able to pick enter into the competition so this is the right time start our international.

Friendlies towards the competition itself and I believe that Kenya’s will never be disappointed now.

Former Ghana boxing authority was Moses Foreman in who is now the technical and marketing consultants of the bucum fists of fury which is a boxing League essentially has stated that security will not be compromised as their competition and tests with – according to him lessons have been learned after the last violence of the book on boxing arena which softens and.

Trained the ring to cause a bit.

Of mayhem more in this report by selling sake the second week of the box and fists of fury was introduced.

At a press conference at MJ Grand Hotel Technical Director of the Ghana boxing authority coach asari mentioned all the 14 boxing clubs participating in the fists of fury boxing series and another professional and amateur bouts coming on this weekend.

Clubs who artistically and as they are one group to discipline buzzing Chrome 3 we have the GE so suppose equipment still halogen for we are technical consultants of the canna box on Authority Moses form winning gave a good remark for the first week of the.

Series though he pointed out some problems they faced well it was good I mean we all of what we planned happened the only thing was the ceremonials we didn’t come on you know the official launch by either the President or the vice president ooh the minister all of them have we’re out of the country now that’s going to happen on Friday he also condemned the violence at the boxing arena two weeks ago and stated the security measures.

Have been taken to prevent such an unfortunate act for happening again security will be tight you know we don’t want all the trouble that happened we are sorry about whatever happened and we are assuring Ghanaians.

Not happen again now has a GPA taken steps yes indeed on Sunday it’s a multi-pronged sort of strategy we have the disciplinary measures will be taken.

By the GBA all those licensees who run into trouble will be taken through the disciplinary process to the criminal aspect of it is being investigated by the Ghana police and if people have to.

Be banned and all of that that will happen well there were some positive news a semester morning confirmed that fists of fury has attracted some sponsors why interested in supports in the game moving on to.


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