Now it is the turn of reigning Wimbledon champion Angelique Kerber looking to hit the ground running against a player making their Finals debut Kiki Burton’s drop shots tonight that beam devastating drop shots Sloane Stephens with a few earlier on and this is just picture-perfect there’s the break actually care about to gain cushion that was that killer keeping it.

Alive but any and burton’s just about gets it done not quite Angelique Kerber looks as if she wants to stop that run the number one sequence X the first set in style six one will do nicely brain good number six.

Gets it done just a really do you can sum it up and the greater sense of purpose so getting that last game from Kiki Burton’s buttons before they second set map that’s good Kiki Burton’s with a gem Kiki Burton’s was a set down and to lock down big time bottle please and she forces say third set with the number one C and that is working it’s the perfect combination really isn’t it the wide shot or serve immediately with the pretty well disguised drop shot needs to get back to doing what she does best.
Angelique Kerber gets it does this just swing the way.

They fall the number of my seat the effort to win just one point and hats off to Angelique Kerber for her retrieval ability just did not give up the relentless barrage from Kiki Burton’s just awesome to watch sends it up the line to save the breakpoint guess what to level turns those bags and again hits the front.

And now she is just two games away from a debut with darkness leads four games to three well she may have arrived late to the party.

Whole lot of noise in Singapore 3 6 1 Kiki Burton’s on debut beat the top seed she’s made a habit of singing off top 10 players in 2018 add another to the list.


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