The National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS is in probably my words I won’t put words in Mandy’s mouth is a behemoth it’s big it’s scary and it’s here it’s been in SA for its fourth year he’s about to complete and it’s although it’s been delayed a little bit they’re progressing towards full rollout for all South Australians so it has.

A lot of context to sport with how it’s going to be rolled out there are ways to access its with sport.

And there’s ways that probably festive oi at this stage so just to discuss some of this.

We’re going to bring three people up so I would like to firstly introduce you to Mandy Baxter Mandy is the director of information linkages and capacity-building from the National Disability Insurance Agency.
My second person to bring up on stage is going to be a young man who is a.

Power athlete he’s a good friend of my family so I’d like to bring up.

Caleb Crowden who’s a national tennis table tennis player.

Excellent and my third panelist is going to be Luke van Campen who is the metropolitan market and Community Engagement Manager from the South Australian Cricket Association Thank You Lou hello okay so I’m quite well known for.

Winging these things so I am actually don’t have any questions in front of me but this is something that I’ve been talking about for a long long time as – CEO for inclusive sport essay so we’ve been in the end die NDIS now for a while so I guess as a first point of.

What we’re going to be doing is getting Mandy to sort of introduce herself and our other panelists as well but Mandy a little bit of background on yourself and maybe then what is the NDIS in two minutes or less and if not two minutes maybe two weeks as we were joking about earlier but.

Maybe just a little bit more about where sport might come into that sure no worries John um so thanks for having me yeah today so I get to work in what’s called the information linkages and.

Capacity building um part of the scheme and pop up just probably like to first start with Ben who spoke this morning gave some real gems I think to us in the sense that I’m Ben talked about that sporting needs to include people with.

Disability but more than that sporting needs to be for people of all abilities and and not always a segregated model and sport has the real opportunity to connect us all.

Um look there are two elements to the National Disability Insurance Scheme one that many will be familiar with and that’s individual funding plans the other part.
Of the scheme that you may not know too much about is.

ILC did you know that there are about four hundred and sixty thousand people who are expected to come into the scheme and receive a plan there’s about 400 point it’s about 4.

3 million people with a disability in Australia and many.

Of those people will not receive a plan that’s not necessarily a bad thing I’ll see and its intention it is a Grants program but it’s more than that it’s really driving the agenda and the message around inclusion the NDIS isn’t meant to replace existing.

Services say like health or education or even your local sporting club the NDIS or as well as ILC is.


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