The Montecarlo masters is the only masters event which is not mandatory so occasionally top players mainly Roger Federer opted not to participate however with so many ATP points on offer those battling for ranking places often have the event high on the priority list world number one Nadal has won the tournament in 11 of the last 14 years which.

Underlines his dominance on the red clay and frana Larvik is hoping to see the Spaniard joined by Djokovic ins ver F this time around but he has given up hope of Federer in the competition we really.

Hope that the best players like Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic and Alexander’s ver F will be in top form in the week of our tournament Freneau larvik said the main draw ceremony will be held at the Giada Mediterraneans of the Monte Carlo Bay the official hotel of the tournament the traditional charity event will take place on April 12th on the court Rainier 3 it will be attended by the best players of the tournament this year.

The monte-carlo Rolex Masters.

Has chosen to support the Monte Carlo Red Cross one of most important charity organizations worldwide Federer has skipped the.

Clay season for the last three years but he has hinted at a possible return next year but even if the Swiss star does make it come back it is likely he will only compete at the French Open meanwhile Fran Olive ik is against the new Davis Cup format which will see the competition take place at the end of the season from 2019 on one hand I understand that players would like to have more tournaments but as a tournament.

Organizer I am NOT very happy because more tournaments mean a high risk of injuries for players he added the fact that the ITF has decided to invest a lot of money on tennis is positive for our sport but I think that the new Davis Cup cannot be held during the period between the ATP finals and the new ATP World Team Cup our tournament wants to hold to its tradition but we also want to look to the future and improve our facilities.


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