Hey guys welcome back to my Channel today me and Lou are super excited if you can’t tell by his super-excited face about this video because I’ve been wanting to film it for such a long time and we finally like got a couple more toys so I could show you um and not just talk about the toys actually show.

You them and see how they pleased with them but yes so today is about five toys.

That Lou really likes and I thought other Blue Heelers would really like and also just other dogs but some of them I.

Think oh he’s heavy Lou’s like 46 pounds now and yeah mama can’t pick him up anymore but anyway some of them I would say our blue heeler specific like the two toys and stuff but others I would say go great with every dog I guess they all go great with every dog but yeah if you guys haven’t already please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up we recently got to a.

Stoked about that I’m having a great time sharing with you my experiences with blue and also just like my other vlogs and everything like I want my youtube just be like about my entire life and you guys seem to like my cattle dog.

Videos and I love making them I love connecting with other Blue Heeler owners and seeing their lives with their dogs and what they’re struggling with and also.

A lot of your comments really helped me you guys really give me a lot of good advice and just as an owner I really grow from listening to your tank on your dogs.

And everything so please please umm comment below about your Blue Heelers even if.

You don’t have a blue heeler just talk about your dog below because this YouTube is dog lovers all-around or welcome you know like I love.

Blue Heelers but I love dogs in general and I want to hear about your dog so please comment below tell me how you like this video and also tell me your favorite toy to play with your dog um so.

Yeah let’s get started so I broke up the toys in different categories we super excited about this one this one is the first one I’m gonna talk about and I have two toys in the exercise category so.

This is a really good toy to exercise your dog and play fetch with him Louie.

Is obsessed with this like he’s running out there because he thinks I’m gonna throw it right now which I will and I’ll show you but I wanted to just tell you about it it’s like a little beaten up because he’ll find it and like shoo that just but I think chuck it so this is a brand named Chuck it and we actually just used tennis balls because the Chuck.

It balls um are kind of cheap they kind of break apart easily and if you get to it he’ll start like gnawing at it so we try not to have him alone with the tennis balls because they’re not good to be um chewed up and he’ll.

Try and eat them but yeah he’s obsessed with fetch so I’m gonna show you guys how we play fetch so this is Luiz favorite toy of all time as you can see Louis it I’m gonna throw it.

For him but yeah like when you throw the ball I mean I don’t know about you guys but I’ll get it – maybe that fence if I’m lucky oh my.

God sit sit and this just Chuck’s it way further got sit down down okay got okay so on to our second toy for.


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