And from Denmark note was in Singapore maybe we saw just why that was the case the tip of the woman’s game is so wonderfully predictable and loaded with talent so what can we expect tonight as the Australian Open champion of course is one that last previous meetings between the path on this court in 2014 so many fascinating facets.

To this encounter she’s found the line that is a stunning back I like the fact that wasn’t Yankees serving a few more serves through to the fit of a body but Wow converts a.
Breakpoint and does so in fine style just use the court well here.

Didn’t she Caroline getting to every corner great footwork and just love the use of the angle absolutely free Caroline Wozniacki really had to take that ball rip it and come forward although it just gives it a fraction too much height by giving the ball height you allow your opponent more time to react it’s Wozniak you to expedite Kentucky as the defending champion gets her first.

Set on the board now these WTA finals 2018 in the tightest of first.

Sets is Wozniacki who takes it.

7-5 Oh wonderful just sensational tennis from petra kvitová well and if we have.

Cameras up in the books here Monica Seles was clapping about that’s a beautiful point I mean both ladies just play their hearts out on that point yes he won that point like no doubt Petric bit of a we do have one which would be to have this volley back convertible fights back and fires back it’ll.

Be settled by a one sec shoot out water Senate tennis from Petra Kvitova it’s brilliant from Wozniacki developer just hesitated early.

On in the point coming forward and the Dane makes her pain as she breaks first in the deciding set a great effort McCollum was here he moving back for this match pretty difficult too it’s another break Wozniak can you feel now in control of this encounter has he just worn down another victim four against one the defending champion is dynamite tonight there’s Caroline Wozniacki gets herself on the board in the white group with another.

Definitive performance of an athleticism and character she loves it here in Singapore and the dating shows.

Her stay in this wonderful city could well continue to.

The weekend it’s at least in her own hands.



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