Welcome back to the WTA final Singapore where the white group kicked things off on Sunday night and now it’s the red groups turn to show us what they’ve got and we’ve got the inside scoop straight from the expert all right Kim so Monday night it is Kiki Burton the eighth seed facing off against the top seed Angelique Kerber.

What do you expect to see in that match it’s a tricky matchup Kiki Burton’s as a player who who’s been playing some great tennis this season and and is it tough.

She’s a tough ball striker hits the ball very hard it’s a very excited to be here wasn’t expected expected to to play but with Simona Halep be injured she she made it so she’s really excited and ready to do some damage I think but you know anti-corporate is the player with with a lot of experience.

And and you know left-handed players always tricky to play and you know I love you know about Angie I like how she moves on the court she gets so many balls back and she likes to defend and and yeah I think in the last few years has been.

Been able to step closer to her baseline so I think she’s if she is playing well I think she will be very tough to.

Be here I think this year and she is unbelievable competitor and hits so many balls back and he’s also capable to play a little bit quicker so it’s also a bit of how she’s gonna show up and.

How she feels this format this is so interesting in the group because they don’t play it the rest of the year and I think you need to go into the match of course trying to win the match but also this is definitely not a sprint this.

Is this is a marathon so give yourself the chance to work yourself into the match and if it’s not gonna work for this match at least you’re gonna feel a little bit more comfortable going into the second one Naomi Osaka and still in Stevens US Open champ in 2017 and 2018.

What are you looking for in that one these are actually you know yeah two of my favorite players I’ve been a fan of Sloane Stephens since.

I retired I remember people asking me when I retired like who are you going to enjoy watching when you start playing and and.

She was one of the names that I mentioned so it was exciting to see her win the US Open last year and now me.

Osaka I mean what-what a year that she’s had you know I’ve seen her play great tennis but to be able to do it consistently is what what has impressed me the most and and just shows that she’s.

A player who’s willing to learn and who really feels when she’s out there playing and and so it’s gonna be an interesting matchup and that’s definitely one that I want to see tomorrow night they played once.

In 2016 in Acapulco they’re both very different players today than they were then what does Naomi have to do well she has to be very consistent she can’t be missing too much you know because Sloane isn’t giving her anything so she really has to try to take that victory from her and serve very well you know I believe that on the surface if you serve well that’s almost half the battle we heard.

What the experts had to say now let’s see what happens on the court and we’ll be back all week with more exclusive content.


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