It is the turn of the elk you starts the Dame back in the stadium and in a city where she has had so much success but place given also feels comfortable here the chick qualifying for Singapore straight second one in a row stepping up and taking it in let’s do the same question Wow just got the epsilon outside.

Edge the forward movement how comfortable she is assume that the person she’s brave and she’s bold she takes time away from her opponent that’s when she really shines in this opening set please give her leads by four games to one.

Just seamless to beauty 13:15 mismos likely has challenging here but I think it’s more in Hope than belief as she starts to walk to the sit down there we go bit of suspense but it is long wonderful it is the seventh seed.

Opener in 36 minutes by six games to two muskan do no wrong right now breaks early in the second set and the cause that’s a little deeper for.

The defending champion this was Naoki wins this battle once again it’s a juice game and guess.

Carry the flesh given a student what is it did you can elect it to stay back but this time gets the job done maybe missed the opportunity to close in but love the factor that Carolina push given gave that ball plenty of simply stunning effort from the chick she defeats six to.
Six thirty two minutes of quite mesmerizing attacking tennis..


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