Product provided by Nintendo a couple of months ago I made a video about how I think the release of Mario Tennis aces on Nintendo switch is a great reason to have more Mario sports games on Nintendo’s way in fact I think every Mario sports games should make it to switch but you guys really wanted Mario Strikers it was.

By far the most talked about game in the comments of my last Mario sports video I think.

It comments about it in my Mario Party video and I get it I think it would have made even more sense than tennis aces given the fact that it released right in the middle of the World Cup this is one of those events that.

Everyone momentarily becomes a sports fan what better time than that to release a soccer game but no we got tennis with that being said I.

Love this game it plays exactly as well as I thought it would maybe even better the wacky Mario mechanics and traditional tennis mechanics came together to make a game that’s not only.

Better than regular tennis games in my opinion as usual I would actually say it’s better than every other Mario Tennis game it’s not often that a new mechanic in a Mario spin-off.
Completely changes how that game works double dash would.

Be a pretty distant second in that regard the racket durability adds an entirely new wrinkle to how the game is played and the time I’ve spent.

With this game and streamed online.

Most of my losses were a result of a broken racket and that is a sign of a game changing mechanic if the newest mechanic in a game can become the biggest factor.

In that game and of course I am aware that a lot of people hate when new changes like this are introduced no one likes to have to learn a new thing and.

Our franchise they’ve been playing for so long they certainly don’t want to be punished for not learning that.

Thing but I’d say as long as those changes fill in line with the game they’re aiming to make and don’t feel tacked on I’m on board I say all of this because I don’t think they can go back from.

This in future sports titles and no I don’t mean durability per se but I do mean some sort of new wrinkle that changes the momentum of the game something I think would be a neat.

Change of pace for strikers while also being something to differentiate it from Mario Tennis aces would be to make the goal the focal point of a sort of durability but rather than encouraging you to break your opponent’s goal maybe they present a risk reward system for scoring on your opponent’s goal with specials in the same way over and over again what I mean by that is and.

Mario Strikers charged when using specials you were given the chance to have a varying amount of chances to score with every special move used the goalie would then need to defend against those shots what if the goal became more damaged in spots where you kicked the ball often to both justify this change that is in favor of the goalie.
While keeping incentive for the orphans to use their specials they could.

Make scoring when using the special more of a surefire thing in favor of the player on the offense when a special is used whether that means shortening the window.

For the goalie to be able to line up their block making the system similar to aces slo-mo feature or something that’s more off the wall make your shot akin to how the Battleship game works have the.

Player pick a part of the goal to aim at through a button prompts that that goalie can’t see and have them guess the prompts to block them which would be where the durability comes in the more you pick a certain location for a special shot the weaker that part of the goal gets and the higher chance you have of breaking the goal and losing the.

Game this caused us everyone involved to be a bit more strategic with how they attack the goal and how often they use their special as well as where they need to aim to keep.

The goal intact while mixing up where they aim to keep the defense on their toes again I get that this would turn some people off I get it it’s.

Just an idea chill out the single-player aspect of the games is definitely an area that can see some improvement we’ll go a bit in both directions I want to talk about where Mario Tennis aces went right but first let’s talk about where Mario Tennis aces went wrong Mario Tennis aces has a decent adventure mode it does an okay job at what I consider to be the most important goal of a single-player campaign in a multiplayer focused game teaches you what you.
Need to know to be at least competent before jumping into a multiplayer the.

Thing is though it only really does this if you want to be Mario of course a lot of people will be main in Mario because duh but not everyone and yes Mario is all around character as always but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be prepared to just completely drop him and use someone else on the same skill level at the very least I would have liked the option to.
Pick a mane and play through the story with them.

And even then I don’t think the story spends enough time preparing you to play the.

Game and multiplayer or rather it doesn’t spend enough time preparing you with tools that you’ll actually use now don’t get me wrong I love the RPG mechanics that are.

The single-player campaign I love them so much that I think it would be awesome if strikers had something similar but if we’re gonna do it you might as well do it right make them have an impact in the.

Rest of the game if we’re going for RPG I should be able to make my main play in the way that.

For me nothing as drastic as changing a speed type to a heavy type just something that will let me tweak how.

My shot works let me give daisy boos broken curveball situation stuff like that but in the context of strikers maybe just include a more diverse character roster for better team building you could recruit them in a single-player campaign the characters you recruit can be unlockable characters for the multiplayer modes too people will complain about this but you know what I don’t know what diet make your own video talk about what your.

Ideas would be or you know just leave them in the comments just don’t be a jerk about it the teams in Mario Strikers as-is are pretty mess since they’re comprised mostly of sidekicks and your goalie is always the same if they add a deeper team-building with a bigger roster.


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