How about the Lukas classic the first time you rode mind your disk it’s in a race I ran a great race that day sat right off the pace got a little wrinkled near the first room but he got bounced around once he got down the backside he settled nicely and when I asked him for run coming in to.

Stretch he really kicked on I had plenty horse left I really got into him when you’re on a horse like that can you tell the difference between a grade one horse height Epis run out what four million.

Or whatever in horses yeah he just got so much class he does everything so effortlessly just the way.

Tell he knows he’s a good horse that’s incredible it’s something I’ve always dreamed of and.

Just to be able to find one like him is truly special when a company with a horse named comparatives million dollars pretty expensive horses that everybody broke off a little bit.

Slower than room the other half of course restaurant there you know he’s sitting.
A dog fortunately it wasn’t a.

Big deal he’s ready we’ll pre-answer two races and we’ll make a decision when it gets close if you really look at it closely.

If XY jet doesn’t go there’s no speed we know promises fulfilled ends up in the spread there’s no speed of the spread perhaps until it becomes lone speed there’s nobody else in the race that.

Can run with Everly if promises fulfilled goes from the mile to the sprint it means there’s no speed in the mile so it kind of makes the classic as the one ironically enough that has the most kind of speed in the race.

But we’ll see what happens and I think XY Jets next work will be a a big one for the moving parts I think really if you look at the Sprint is a competitive race but there’s not a lot.

Of speed device our major self is like I said we know he loves this track and we think whatever race we’ve on it you know we’re gonna pull on the horses the beat you want to put him in the race.

That give him the best chance away like I said I mean speed has a lot to do with it he’s raised to set up how I.

Think they’re gonna set up the classic has the front and that’s that’s gonna be the ultimate thing it’s.

Just at this point talking about the classic just sort of your thoughts on the wide open race I mean right now I think at last count we had twenty horses that were thinking about pre nominating between you know cross entries and stuff like that I was the only.
Fourteen or run but I mean I think it’s a wide-open race and my numbers for.

The best horse of the race you know people think we can’t go on a quarter you know if that’s.

Where we end up I guess we’ll find out if you go back and you look at some of his races you look at the Malibu where he’s million third off Jazzy time to chart past.

Decade ago in seven Aysen wins that race the Belmont Sprint championship when he beat awesome slow same kind of thing he was laying third or fourth early on so you know he’s so tactical and he’s so kind you know the key with him is just kind of getting out of the gate and getting him in a good position the.

Classic allows us not to be so dreadfully far back if you watch the head on replay of the Breeders Cup the last two years were so far back it’s just it’s tough to do what we did and you know we made up more ground than any other horse in the.

Dirt on both years you know last year the short stretch at Del Mar really really hampered us I thought you know going to what we were probably the best horse in the race you know this year you got a long stretch of.

Churchill down so you don’t have to go to California the Californians always have that that home court advantage we lost the last two Breeders.

Cups to a California based horse and Trayvon and Roy age so here at Churchill I think it’s more of a level playing field and these California horses have to.

Get on a man and a plane and they got to come here and you know we have that advantage of having already been here.

Going to race over the track so we think there’s a lot of things going in our.

Favor right now and you know we’re gonna sleep well the next 15 days.



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