Company with the lion dancer the first three to break the line babe urging forth as they head towards fence number one skipping on is held up towards the back of the field last of all his cabin as corner was little keen on the way down towards the stands being given time by Connor Schumacher to settle into the race.
So a few travelling notably wide.

Indeed the whole field just moving towards the open ditch now as out in front tariff Allen makes the.

Descent first flanked by the lion dancer on the inside and wood pigeon on the outer as they reached the next fence again Tavern jobs left wood pigeon was slightly inconvenienced and his ride has gone out the side door slight arrow himself.

But certainly put off by the antics of the leader and wood pigeons Ryder is distraught dispenses his helmet but thankfully is perfectly okay he walks away wood pigeon it’s galloping on with the field as.

Tower of Allen leads him towards the next.

Again jumping markedly out to the left the whole field are doing that at.

The moment the lion dance the catalyst corners the one that’s kept the truest line and as a result has made significant progress on that part of the racecourse in fourth place we have skipping on and then the Baber the loose horse leads the field into now the back straight and out in front it is Tower of Allen despite jumping.
To the left over the last couple leads the lion.

Dancer skipping on smooth through to third now cavernous corner on the inside of the paper Chand the whole field a very tightly group now as they reached the next fence down the back again all.
Over the shop cavernous corners jumped in.

A straight line the other four almost jumped off the racecourse between them all three runners are down at the start of danke Stan yeah everyone jumping in a straight line so from last to first for cavernous corner takes it from skipping on tower of Allen.

Right against that far running rail the lion dance is also receiving reminders and out in front its cavernous corner skipping ons the other one with the babe they’re still travelling pretty well that trio hurt.

The lion dancers going violently to the left and eventually he.

Has indeed jumped off the course let me find him okay his riders.

Perfectly okay never left his feet jump progressively left enters exited stage left so heading towards another plane one cavernous corner out in front from skipping on tear of album despite the antics is actually still in third place alongside the baby Chas we now move towards the open ditch at the foot of the hill so cavernous corner out in front for Connors shoe mark in second place is skipping on who’s made steady progress and.

Length of the leader two links back to the bay birch and then tower of allen as they take that fit at which skipping on blunders none seats the rider and tera Vallon had to jump the prostrate jockey the loose horse is still in there as well so we’ve had a really exciting.

Time to be honest it may not be over yet cavernous corner and the.

Bay birch of the two that are left clear of tower of allen and the babe in the strike colors on the outside of cavernous corner.


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