Big move late for stone boat bill who’s not far off Bali hope now at the front of the market there off the slowly in destroyed it was Leonard Thomas who’s being pushed along at the rear and just slightly detached in the early stages with setting out in front outlaw torn followed by Falcons fire captain peaky and zark Haven.

In the Yellow Jacket towards the outside disputing third place then behind these is Bose Trotter and then on the outside of both Stratus don’t go to bill they’re well strung out this leader outlawed tours gone off very quickly here and O’Connor Mertes not much he can do about it fall khun’s far in second.

Place are Cavin on the outside have kept him peaky and then further back to Bose.

Trotter and stone boat bill towards the outside Bali hope is further back but this leader has flown away here.

Here’s a hundred and sixty third start here and bidding to make it a none challenge one goes a long way.

Clear and seemingly out of control really Connor murder just having to sit there and suffer as they run round.
The left-hand turn and this leader outlaw torn looking side on must be 30.

Lengths at least in front of the others fall comes for in second then captain peak he’s our.

Haven followed there by stone boat bill and then back to both strata man gotta and then towards the rear Bali hope at this stage and also Leonard Thomas the leader meanwhile is approaching the three furrow marker in.

The home straight Falklands fire is now sent in pursuit as outlaw torn continues to have this massive lead running down the home straight in this second division of the bet way apprentices.

Hand occur outlaw torn with just two furlongs to cover now still well clear of Falcons for now how can he keep going in front the rider getting to work on in Conor murder Falcons fire still got a good 12 or 15 links to make up here is the.

Furlong pole now outlaw torn old outlaw torn still leading Falcons for surely they won’t get to them as they race inside the final hundred yards and racing up towards.

The lion outlaw torn from the outset was away and gone running away and wins unchallenged in seconds Ark Haven coming through in third Falcons.

Far then Paulie hope and on the outside stone boat bill but nothing else got.

Into it the winner all the way.



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