Good evening welcome to this week’s edition of Kabul orderly Singh where we’re gonna look forward to tomorrow’s camp at Sandown and also a look at the old Newton cop at he doc and those recent at air on Sunday it’s their big family D they’re also releasing air on Monday this is the start of when the letter Alisa every.

Monday afternoon from know read through to August as a compliment either them a big mess a.

Button him they are certainly recent Sunday and Monday this week coming up so what does one raise their air their decks roll radio for that so I’ll look at that reason it looks it’s not a big fuel.

Tank account but it’s a very intriguing one that to have a wee bit on that’s for sure no this weekend recently I’ve seen recently Hamilton Monday night Tuesday I was there actually I have a Monday night for a couple other recent and it was.

A decent enough crowd beautiful night but Monday nights are supposes that’s the second year for that particular meeting and a it’s maybe Stolte.

Had through this you know the recent public button seeing that a lot the release Nate’s that fiend you know seats insane house named Braveheart mate and they’ve got maybe a particularly big release.

On the card lamech bail for example an August I’ve got that now you’ve got the frayed in a meeting that fear be afraid he which.
Friday when you’ve got the Scottish plant it’s.

Got jokes cop and your multiple at the Glasgow stakes and so there’s big salient points they’re not ladies names so that’s one Monday me recently it’s you.

Know it’s hard to when you’ve you’ve got so decent men don’t mean the prize money was good but there was no real big fuel handicaps it beg fields and and the race I think even the last Lisa ended up there was seven runners rather than the.

Heat and that’s the street and I’m sure for Hannah you sometimes think that some eight Reno’s make target Hamilton because the expect might be a bigger but more cotton that could owned saw the.

Fact that it’s fast ground all across country the moment because of this good weather that we’ve been having of late the F that was serene there then Lords at Reno’s would be gone right let’s go what to happen because there’s there’s some juicing ago end up there but because the Tuesday count fallen it.

Was was reasonable I never had reason a muscle on Wednesday and then Pierre thorn thusly Brian used had very well what pf1 Authority old we had a really nasty fall but he came up back from that not a problem but yeah a much.

Simpler war on that I was actually we mark it Johnson’s magazine near the kings of cloudian this week that.

Arrived in the post and it was came to highlight and I was seen last week about dopes about jockey.

Club and are taking over particularly at arc I’m not that keen on that idea at all as market highlighted in hers magazine about the fact that you know some of they.

Have resources that the Opera are we down the west and who feedback from people that go there from all our screeners home aspect up all the artists such so I wouldn’t be keen on that idea at all and as Mark had highlighted.

And as I’ve said a few times my sail with it’s been superb live on so I would just just keep it away as is because it’s just a fantastic place to be tickle reason barely me as I see I’ll look at in.

A moment but let’s get started on the.

Recent at Sandown tomorrow I’m going to look at three races including their clips we’ll get to that in a moment but the first ones opponent charged a gluten-free spent all but.

The five furlongs there no this is the least of the – one last year very impressively on that beam and you remember no ham Don has the Hampton car.

Seem to be quite prominent no in Spence if you think back to the Commonwealth coppers will but moved me a one last time oh he.

Tedious I’m sure it was his back here over.

Five furlongs it can taste US and somewhat ground and I would see that boom with our I would see that he has a good.

Chance again with Mia to follow up that Factory it’s it’s a I said decent group three to see that it’s not you know sometimes you get a good clean you think could even pass officer clip to but sometimes you get a group three you see how it’s really less to eat standard but you know that has you know when you put a late someone seven year who’s shown in the past bill class but move Mia has been a horse that afford far away our back to.

Blast him it when it won a key dog saw I begin to follow up and on on it here again to run well I’ve.
Always felt that the sand don’t fight follow track is they.

One in the real one the old pool to the one side and then you got.

What hard luck stories em and that and some of the species there and that made me the keys for tricks Trixie spirit who brought up a few weeks ago when it was.

Run in that ear and the police leaks there the fellas reefs over our five-year.

As well then run I don’t run a race at all for make chairman but the last time Oh at that Santo and five forms burn for 3 euros which this was as she ran a blind up and was just unlucky I thought and.

Really if it got the run got trouble and running as I said that’s can happen it’s and oh and her Daffy who won that D is and nurseries we are posies again to the tomorrow Saudi and had after sex the one currently in whereas sexy spell it is a.

Big dot T three two one and you think it’s only my Beatrix is but it’s poor performance air that’s me dove that priest left oh but I’ve got a sneaky feeling back it’s and don’t on quick round again like some a good ground and then deaths might bring back home based and this was did run another good recycle sound own you sometimes get horses like that that linked that five fun trap arts and oh and the Traxxas but a big.

Price know at the moment we’ll get 10 runners and if that stays the way then I think it’s worth um eh weep on the x-axis better know what I’ve know what the draw here on yeah but again I think MEC Chanin wouldn’t be sending us horse there if doesn’t thing it had that decent.

Enough chance as I see it’s not the strongest subgroup three bases with me a as I say yeah I wouldn’t put you off back now to one the lease but I think Trixie spell it has a real good show in each we place in.

Fact I can tell used one team and at least so you know if I can get top.


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