Hi Steve here let’s just pop the bonnet on this backhaul spot and see exactly the layout of it and what can be achieved from it so first of all this is the settings page as we can see up there settings this is the page that you come to once you’ve logged in and it is essentially that you set.

To the instructions that you set on this setting page so first off let’s have a look and the first button we see there is auto reload now if.

Going to do if you’re gonna run all the courses and that just leave reload auto related what that does is every hour or so it reloads the fields and adds new races into it and also if there’s time changes all that they will all be updated if the auto reloads tip however for example if they just click on venue this shows all the venues that.

Tab one because tab one if we look over here it’s ticked for Australia.

Great Britain and Ireland so it brings up all the races that will be covered today there for example say you didn’t want a big chunk foot chancellor sitting here you would uncheck that if you uncheck that and don’t have auto reload ticked because when it reloads again it will reload Chelmsford so if you I got a deselect either races that you don’t want or venues you don’t want then have Auto reload untick but if you have just.
Bidding like we do bit every track every venue every race that.

Meets the criteria then have Auto reload ticked so while we’re here back one relates to back one settings here then back to would relate to the settings here so for example if I’m back to we were only going to back gbr for example and we reload back to you’ll.

See now it only brings up the Great Britain tracks okayed in this two venue so as I said if you wanted the select a venue you do that there.

Is what I reload now show the market for example show the market it’s not neither this grey area is not needed to display anything in order for the.

Bot to keep working it reads everything in the background this.

Is only for your own benefit and we suggest you don’t have show to market because you look up here the API is 31 and a half 32.

So it’s dragging a lot of data requests back from Betfair and we don’t need to see all that so if we uncheck that for example you can see it’s dropped back to under 1 so don’t show the market unless you specifically want to have a look at a market.

Ok the manual if you click on that it’ll bring up the manual that tells you about the bot and it tells you the stake the strategy that we’re using that there help that goes to bit fair and you can.

Learn a bit more about Betfair on there ok now the Commission when I say is all these settings this auto reload show the market and the Commission they are set for all three of the back one back to back 3 when you.

Set these here you can’t set them individually for back one back two or back three ok so if you are going to be reading in Australia but you’re also going to be bidding UK.
And another tab or the same tab.

You must make the Commission eight because the highest Commission in Australia horse-racing is 8 so if you said that today the bot allows for that extra Commission and all it does is add a bit of extra.


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