Adonijah just got the team forces after racing hey Doc and Friday the included cloudy dream how far did it go and how did it go for you yeah he’s when we’ve been two miles talk six horses two miles how do Mountain News handful of others like that and no really please that is a nice piece of work we’re.

Not try to find anything I just wanted to hopefully put the finishing touches to the racing you and he’s a exciting addition to the earth.
For this season of course yeah bit of pressure comes with it as well.
Evans as trusting me to train them and so on so so I don’t get too excited I don’t get a bit in travel about it first but no we’re really happy really happy to have them the.

Forward to getting started and is there a starting point for him at this stage I think it’s highly likely he’ll turn up in the Oval ancient we got something and Matt Muse also another horse.

With Trevor Hemings palsy gone today yeah he’s gone well he’s though he’s a week or.

So behind the gray horse but I’m really happy with him he’s a a little bit short of practice health.

Fences so I think that’ll be to start the season we’ll be aiming to get a bit more practice over fences into possibly turned up in the Colin Parker at Carlisle it says he’ll certainly have.

An entry and then we’ll go from that the third horse for trouble Hemmings to look forward to testify he obviously won here a grade-two last winter you got high hopes for him yeah he’s falling.

A little bit a long way in the spring on better ground and stuff he’s very much a soft ground horse you might be a small field horse so we’ve not got him quite as ready yet he’s just started fast work in the last couple weeks and he’s grown up a bit his majority still a.

Young horse and you know it’ll be there when the ground gets dirty in the winter and any horses sort of slightly under the radar though we should be looking out for my thunder later I’m not telling you anyway but to know this we’ve.

Got a lovely team horses I’ve run a couple of nice novice hurdlers yesterday I was very taken with first accounting a good a novice hurdler the trip that was too sharp but some you know we’ve got plenty of fresh faces and they’re nice team horse isn’t it for they stay healthy it’ll be good for me.


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