Hi I’m Harry wishing ttan the new brand ambassador for bet DAC the two-percent exchange Harry when did you first get into racing well it’s it’s really in the blood because my grandfather grandparents bred and owns pointer pointers and hunter chases and trained them as well and they just have a lot of fun when I was growing up going.

To pointer points with them and my grandfather gave a lot of jockeys their first winners like Richard um woody and Chris Maude and Luke Harvey and and so they always used to get picked up on my grandparents.

When I was 16 years old at captain Fosters and and we’d all go off to the races and they would ride with these horses and races and everything else and so it was really in the blood you’re now embarking on your seventh season and though it’s crazy isn’t it used to think about it like that especially when four and a half years ago I’d only have my fourth winner and that was at Doncaster when you guys sponsored.

The race had what was called pollster I remember there was a Ryan hats rode him yeah yeah yeah and it was a difficult season for me only had eight horses first season was hard enough but I was lucky enough to have a winner at Newbury and.

Then bumper hundred to one and done and he got me going got me noticed a bit and I owned half being sold him well so that was make or.

Break and winning that race was was quite a relief really because I’ve gone a few months without winner yeah so yeah here we.

Are now for a result yeah well I think around about that time when Polestar won at Doncaster I was lucky enough to meet Tony Holt who put syndicates together.

And he’s from the insurance world and he gave me an order to go and buy a horse in France and.

The first one we went to by was was a czar so ends up many of great ones that obviously a big influence on my career yeah delighted to have you onboard Harry for a new brand ambassador.

Very looking for time and we live before to a good season ahead you had 27 winners last year I’m sure you’re gonna have at least 40 this year let’s hope so how many you’re gonna tell us a bit you.


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