Up half plus five grade one been sacked 2% Commission punches town champion hurdle over two miles of course what a race in store we have there that’s a crap so he thrilled to be back here for the charge of running for the punches town champion hurdle now this year the title is it the difference for us is called.
A bet back 2% Commission champion hurdle due to the fact that last reverie.

That that launched its 2% that Commission rate across all sports so if you use penny exchanges that AK is the place to be for a 2% set commission rate and now the build up to the big one on day four here at.
Pontius town it’s the bet tack 2% Commission champion horrible you just.

Have Cochran man and melon in frontier melon walking away he’s gotten a little bit warm and here’s the man himself Sanko the star of the.

Future and hopefully the star of today possibly and he looks extremely relaxed and looking extremely well himself he’s caught absolutely shining in the Sun often racing for.

The big one Tony going towards the first flight which they’re brave got away okay and then comes melon on the right on the inside the Super Sunday three from home which.

Low praise the leader SAMCRO and second very nice afros calm sample and melon both out of the race huge drama and the Pakistan.

Champion our water job Super Sunday comes to take enough Super Sunday and Robbie power in the lead followed in second place by wiggler.

Brave at Super Sunday Wicklow brave sting on second fear of blueberry bang cockin ma pop gave me is and he babbled on to the line there is a lovely horse eyes true Jensen my Tina docks after was a wonderful.

Job with Herman he’s just there he’s a gorgeous horse no he does everything to please and he’s a real gentleman I think he deserved that Robert absolutely well done our third year of the sponsorship and we’re delighted to a ninth to say that we’ve actually extended for another purport here and you know it really turned into one of the big days of the year for us the sun is shining it’s ladies day a bunch of hands what’s not to like another big grid one success here a purchaser yes thank you.

Very much indeed that was great you know as maybe we got a bit lucky but you have to have a bit of luck in this game it’s been a great week for yourself to grade ones pencil and of course Fahim yeah both special needed Benson to get me on the board so and he done it rarely the horse porn places yesterday was.

Around after every warden was but they’ll never forget I knew their great hearts just be able to put your name beside them means a lot we wish you all the best there but come back.
Safe thank you thank you you..


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