So he jump away for the opener and first one to leave the tapes his silk run who in company as well with masini stream heads towards the first oh and the doubts throw the wings goes missing his dream cds dream just went to the left hand side straight through the wing fortunately plastic rails these days so the horse.

Gallops on and I’m pleased to say as well I think the riders to his feet Richard Johnson but.

A dramatic exit almost before we’d started the horse is gonna run out all the way in you watching now just gets pricked look now bit Dicky come here come here and isn’t it unbelievable horses sometimes how stupid they could be because that the rail goes right away along joins on to the wing it’s all it was.

Easier to jump the hurdle let’s have another look at them I’m pleased to report the Dickies who watch now see look the horse you’ve just started look he’s looking that way gah Oh blimey O’Reilly luckily the horse is ok as well.


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