I guess nothing better than winning a Triple Crown I think it would be to win the Triple Crown and then top it off by winning beers Cup Classic be incredible incredible it’s been a great year and really just an unbelievable year and it’s just very fortunate to be in a position to have these kind of horses and Yoshida.

Got us started off right on Derby Day by winning the old Forester the great one on the grass and I was be honest.

With you I was excited about that as as when we won the Derby because he’s just such a cool horse and it was his first grade one and now to have him win the Woodward as well a race that we’ve.

Never won and be doing as well he is coming.

In the Breeders Cup Classic it’s very exciting haven’t had one haven’t had tourists was a very good Meyler on the turf and won the Breeders Cup mile a couple years ago and so.

This is the third year in a row we’re trying to win a Breeders Cup race and that’s hard to do battle of midway won the dirt mile last year and so we’re looking forward to it.

He couldn’t be doing any better bill has a real way of getting these horses to peek around Breeders Cup time that’s why he’s won so many of them and works very well in fact I.

Spend the Breeders Cup was at Churchill Downs we’ve teamed with Bill to win the classic with John I was doing very well at the time he had actually gotten beat the start before he was second in a jockey club but he was breathing fire the two weeks coming into the Breeders Cup and we’re real excited about Yoshida’s chances I think going in Yoshida’s got a better chance in drosselmeier our horse is doing well I think we were.
All really impressed with his first race on the dirt in Saratoga.

Here and well he ran at least two expectations and you know and I’m sure some of us didn’t know exactly what to expect you never do when.

You’re putting a horse you know from one surface to the to the next I mean they can work good in the morning and they don’t live up to it in the afternoon but he certainly lived it up to you know his billing.
In the afternoon in the Woodward was last.

Time you had a horse who is a greater land winner on turf and dirt it doesn’t happen very often I can’t really remember most horses prefer one surface there the other and you know maybe that’s the case with him maybe used a grade one winner and turf maybe does prefer the dirt I guess you know every time you leave them over there you find out a little more and you learn watch his action though on.

The two surfaces do you see being different he’s he’s good on both you know he’s good on both I can’t you know I think that’s what made us think that he deserves.

A chance on the dirt yeah went great went a minute and change and thought he.

Was really well over the racetrack and they were happy with where he is if he comes with a run that he did in the Woodward he’s gonna.

Be really tough grants on a Sunday silence so and he’s out of a mayor that want a great one in Saratoga one the ballerina killed his passion.

So he’s got dirt through and through his pedigree that’s why we bought himself it’s just a question of getting the right time to do it and you know when you win a grade one on the grass it’s hard to come off that.


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