Michael Danny what do you have here my media path never work what I think YouTube will get me behind the scenes at a weiner dog race Here I am in the big leagues with the lows off welcome to down your lives I’m Michael Downey and worth the weiner dog race they can’t control them one was well trained and.

Went straight for it anyone all the others are elsewhere right there’s like a 50-50 chance of ever finish this period yes the other 50% chances that you win so all or nothing in her case I like.

That love the outfit together Oh to be able to see me at the finish line yeah Mauro smart move right there good luck so here at the Hastings race course the normal attraction for the horse race today is a special day it’s the weiner dog race and it brings in a big crowd now considering the size of these guys are much smaller than horses so a race track they race on high is only about 30 meter high what’s her name burning barns.

We get CAS PSID Garth have you guys trained Annabelle for these event on and off down the hallway who’s going to be at the finish who’s going to be at the beginning I need a penny I’m going to see like you more finish healthy have you done this before fourth time fourth time up are you ready she.

Looks very calm focused I like that good luck thank you Oh second place right there now close did you cross a sly good job mark I cross a.

Cross-eyed the three raises today the first race is over I’m a little bit hungry so let’s.

Go get some food so I get chicken strips and can I get a wiener my dog we ended up hotdogs oh yeah they’re meeting a lot of wieners are there you know hats.

Are a big deal at this but this might be the biggest this is a serious event this weekend.

Just wiener dogs running around for entertainment surprises every dog about finishes first and a cheap wins $100 and then it goes into the finals and the winner of.

That wins the grand prize I don’t know if you can do that but that’s five historic wings flying in formation over or the raises or the reader dog Wow so we’ve now had all.

Three heat races from today we have the final race coming up this is big things your folks everyone.

Take pictures on their fun when you come fingers they go from enormous cute and a dog to being surrounded by practical pop paparazzi everyone wants the Instagram pic of the winner okay this is where.

Jokes poor little guys that are gonna have a long day ahead of them they should call it the wiener dog – found right that they give them a little pause between each break how am i doing now the moment we’ve all been.
Waiting for the final of the.

Weiner dog race who will be the grand wiener now the horses of just finished racing so very important to get the track back into prime conditions for this final weiner dog race as the Bulls of adrenaline excitement chatter they’re ready to go here are the competitors for the.

Final the dogs are ready well the race is about sex pick your favorite number 1 through 8 or your favorite color okay yeah Maximillian lake home I wonder if even know their assistive parenting and the grand inner Mac I’ll make sure I get you to all the big events and this is one of them so if you enjoyed this video subscribe by clicking on my face.


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