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Comment on any of our live platforms no Johnny water that’s this week but John Duggan is here to take his place and also we have.
Gavin Cromwell with it’s the trainer who is also doing ripping up trees I.

Believe is how they would phrase this in the parlance Kevin how you doing crew not a bad not a bad time for you outside you were saying the vagaries of horse racing are such that yesterday you’re three fancied horses and only one of them even made at home yeah too far that’s the that’s the game we’re in tough business it’s tough yeah but I am yeah I thought I thought I had three.

Life chances and the first one and went off odds on and felt what there you go how do you deal with that how do you get used to dealing with that because it seems like it’s the one part of the game that’s.
Would find the most difficult yeah does the.

Highs and lows and you’re you know a pat in the back is only a fault away from a kick in the backside and I’ve often been driving off from racing and you know kinking all negative thoughts and forgettin that we actually had a winner earlier on but if that’s the way it is do you need to train your brain then a little bit to stop.

Yourself doing that because like if you take two feet badly you know that a success rate of 11% for jockeys considered brilliant you know like if I don’t know what is good for a trainer but like anyone is a win like how do you train yourself to not be constantly yeah you really do I am you know if you if you were to do an.

Honest you know if you turned the bad times you damp you certainly wouldn’t belong we’re giving it up yeah well hopefully you’re celebrating the good times because then we were again chatting a little bit earlier on you’re off to Churchill Downs for the Breeders.
Cup meeting yeah very exciting yeah it’s the course to go to.

Isn’t it in the States so I’m told never been it sounds great anyway just a whole Breeders Cup thing you know it’s a massive princess the ISIS so this horse I think ran well behind.

The arc runner-up CF class at Newbury but this horse was only winning at and who had any disrespected and dog at.

Dundalk within the last year and now it’s going to the Breeders Cup possibly it’s pretty it’s pretty remarkable rate of progress so you want to she won in nursery I think all four eight and.

I said 72 which would be it’s not a bad rating but it’s and certainly wouldn’t we get near to the Breeders Cup um in November of last year and then when certainly didn’t think we’d be going to rediscover her she’s improved uh we have how many have you done I am just.

She’s she was a two year old that was tall and and just unfurnished and you know through the air she’s developing and kept improving so and she’s continuing to improve she got actually galloped yesterday morning and a stage it was probably her best bit of work here oh no that’s Kate you getting excited ahead of the trip well look she’s gonna need to.

Improve quite substantially to go win in a race like this but and it’s nice I think that she is.
If she is improving just to take us back a little.

Course then that so am I right in saying she wasn’t in long shot a couple weeks ago was that right yeah so how do you even decide to go to long shot and is that one so maybe the midsummer or even kind of last spring when you’re thinking what.

Of the year is gonna be like for this horse how does that work what’s in your head originally well we started off that we we said we try and get her some black type and to explain that um she would need to be placed in a listed race and then she she basically has black type for her from a breeding which when she has that she has it for life so as a filly she now becomes quite valuable and because it’s honor her pedigree and it’s there.

Forever but we got that quite early on with her and where she was in Juarez how did you George and she was she was toured in the Cheshire Oaks okay um and so how did you pick the Cheshire ox my ventures because okay that’s the type of stuff that there’s the this is the alchemy of the trainer and the owner plotting a course true stuff cuz everybody else is.

Trying to plot the same course and sometimes.

Avoid certain horses but so the Cheshire Oaks yeah is a listed race and you thought you’ve acquired actually tell it like because she will actually she was actually toured in the histories and Navin before she went there okay but regardless and yeah like there’s only there’s not they’re not of abundance like there’s not that many.

Of them and it’s the Phillies only and it’s often apart from the winner or second horse which can often be very good and you could pick up a place in it okay so that was the reason that we aim there and or there and and at this stage still.

Really just with the intention of creating a bit of value for her as a breeding horse later.

On yeah right absolutely and subsequently but we.

Didn’t know back then what the hearts that was finished a half a lent in front of her went on to win the Epson oaks right so you’re like I got a.

Second well you see that’s how high in sight now yeah but um and then she went in Newbury and then the winner of that race went and won a Groupon and.

Was only beaten in there and ER so when you are looking at the Oaks is that like are you like earlier chaired Cohen Cohen go on oh absolutely yeah because then yeah I mean it Frank’s the farm yeah as far.

As you never had and definitely best flat horse yeah and the best job we’ve had was that Jerez girl was that the horse that put you in them up yeah yeah well I had them.

I suppose Rita when she won the Cambridge her which was the first kind of big pot 100 grand race in the car and that was you know it was that was really nice to win them it’s just kind of steadily grew from.

You started off Gavin I’m in the game and I think your uncle and your as it was your grandfather were involved in training um but you’re you’re what’s known as a farrier or by day you’re a.


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