Had personalities much the same one day these two didn’t see eye-to-eye the Duke met his shotgun and treatment went to the guy all Washington was astounded that crane born out of this tragedy the SPCA was born there are many fables around this venerable tract some are found on the jockeys wall of fame like our Carroll and our tech.

Clearly then it’s people who’ve made this place real yes the.

Second jewel of a triple crown is.

A big deal the best pillow goes hit keeper who’s full of myths no sagas unknown.

To Baby Cakes myth Vita winner Andy Somerville will always provide his daily paper to use as tomorrow’s racing guide then there’s Jimmy Powell and employees since 36 surviving here at old hilltops by avoiding track politics George for has walked forces over 50 years fellow trainers in the stables where there are no peers consider if you will the last request of a duck Willie Doyle to have his ashes buried at the finish in.

Pimlico soil but a decade later the finish was in a new place so Doyle’s old friend Roland long was his saving grace by searching high.

And low to make the save lugging Willie’s urn down the threat to his new frame through 27 years Tommy and his hope for no rain easier to paint horse colors on the weather vane now Michael Willinger will show up.

He’s got the neck with winning colors he’ll be Rembrandt Dean that’s the track add in some facts you may or may not.
Know like the woodland Boz is worth.

Lots of dough black-eyed Susans aren’t MCS until summertime but the painted petals.

Draping the Winter Park milk supply which brings us to a group that even though their team did disband have been playing here 25 years of alte more coke marching bands roofing no matter what the band and the harbor city can endure stuff like Pimlico and the Preakness for sure quite a poem I don’t think they’ve ever heard anything like that here’s the Preakness Stakes to McKay I’m Becky Dixon and I have come.

Down down to the winner’s circle to join Jim good to be with you I guess we’ll have to name Robbie Collin you know we talked earlier about what a rough race the Derby was we had three fresh horses in the Preakness today three horses that did not run in the Derby well they have a big advantage well it’s early have seven Vantage and very often a fresh horse will win the second race of the Triple.

Crown but of those horses when I have my eye on the cold looking for the big one he’ll be number five he’s only run four times in his life that’s the rap against him but he’s very fresh the great talent he’ll lead the race I’ll take a look now at the odds as they fan at this moment here at Pimlico there we go with better place.

Second to the Derby now at five-to-one Harriman the long shot at 48 to one phantom jet at 2101 and flowers another long shot looking for the big one moving along there we go Ali Shiva’s.

Two to one goats seven the two babies copy twenty one to one crypto clearance Cobras with Ali Sheba at two to one back to you al alright damn I’m just looking at past Triple Crown winners wondering whether a lee keebum might just.

Be another looking ahead to.

Today on ABC Sports the Preakness 112 begins at 4:30 eastern time on ABC Sports and tomorrow Chevy truck presents the Winston a very unique NASCAR event which features only NASCAR winners in three different segments at the Charlotte Motor Speedway now we go to the conclusion of.

The western states 100 huncle Crown winner in 1987 every year is the same like a high-stakes game of ten little Indian thoroughbreds on the verge of greatness perhaps even the Triple Crown itself in the fall of 86 there were ten little thoroughbreds racing for the prize but one of them javagold with force to the sidelines for.

A while and wasn’t ready for the Kentucky Derby and then there were nine gone West hit the headlines.

In the spring let’s skip the Derby to prepare for the Belmont and then there were eight temperate still won the Santa Anita.

Derby and went to Louisville for the big one but a temperature fell temperate still then there were seven Kalinin won the Flamingo but injury struck him in Kentucky and then there were six demons be gone stormed out of Arkansas.

As the Derby favorite but he pledged from the nose in the race he was pulled up on the backstretch and then there were five Capote was the two-year-old champion early favors for the Triple Crown but when the Derby was done Capote finished all by himself not first but last across the finish line and then there were four Gulch won the wood and hopes were high but sixth place was the best he could.

Do a Churchill down then there were three crypto clearance Florida’s pride winner of the Florida Derby rallied late but too late then there were two that twice had the.

Derby almost won it seen but he swerved and staggered in the stretch and then.

There was one just one just elisheba winner of the Kentucky Derby ten little thoroughbred starting out the year and now of the tens of thousands of foals born in 1984 of the hundreds entered for the Triple Crown of the 17 who started in the Derby only Ally Sheba still has a chance at the greatest prize of all at the end of this day will another horse defeat him and then there’ll be none will he win.

The Preakness and go for it all in the Belmont go for the Triple Crown ABC sport presents from Henrico racecourse in Baltimore Maryland the 112th running of the Preakness fake what a gorgeous springtime afternoon it is here in the.

Heart of Maryland from the all-day party in the.

Infield for the regulars along the rail for the more sedate luncheon in the members dining room its Preakness day Maryland’s greatest annual occasion and proud estimated.

At more than 80 thousand is basking in the sunshine watching the early races and arguing among themselves who will it be who will win the Preakness good afternoon I’m Jim McKay reporting from kinloch oh we all know of course that the Preakness is the second jewel.

In the Triple in the Triple Crown but here in Maryland it they say that the Preakness stands all by itself I think that the Baltimore poet Ogden Nash perhaps thumbed off their attitude best when he wrote this couplet.

When he said the Derby is a handsome race of aristocratic sleekness for steeds of birth to prove their worth for running in the Preakness that’s about the way they feel around here and what a Preakness it should be today a nine horse field included in it five of the six top finishers in the Kentucky Derby and we would have had the sixth one except that that horse came down with a.

Minor injury last week and had to be taken out of the race in.

Addition three other Colts we got the Maryland bred hometown Harriman we’ve got a mystery horse called phantom jet and we’ve got one called looking for the big one a speed horse out of the wayne Lukas Barnes who just might steal at all.

Now let’s take a look at the specifics of this 112 running of the Preakness Stakes the first more than half a million dollars the distance as always a mile and 3/16 of 16th of a mile shorter than the Kentucky Derby’s a track condition is passed today although the times have not been too fast or too impressive the temperature 73 degrees winds out of the East at 10 miles an hour they said it’s an almost perfect day here in.

Maryland now there’s a new aspect of the Triple Crown this year the potent system one horse at the end of the three races will get a bonus of a million dollars on a point basis and Alexeev of course leads with the five points.

He got for winning at the Derby that twice was second but his three-point and in.

Third place a V copy got one point now if we said a million-dollar bonus for the horse with most points.

Who finishes all three races however if one horse should win them all and that can only be a leak even now remember he will be guaranteed total prize money of five million dollars there’s a lot at stake here.

This afternoon and way up on top of the grandstand with a beautiful vantage point my VP colleague Al Michaels how.

Jim this reminds me of the Derby in the sense it’s a tough one for the handicappers to figure like a giant jigsaw puzzle you can make a case.

For five or six horses winning this race there is one very big difference though at Louisville we had a field of 17 which created a rough trip for a lot of the starters.

And now we have about half that size just the field of nine six of those who come over from Louisville and then the three newcomers to a field of nine for the Preakness and let’s take a look at the current odds and.

We have some interesting situations developing that twice was being held at seven two two earlier today is now up to five to one Harriman is the longshot at forty seven to one phantom jet who won here on the grass two weeks ago is 19 to 1.

No more flowers has little backing and looking for the big one at 13 to 1 by the way the post positions and the saddle fall colors are noted in the Box on the left.

Hand side so pick your favorite horse and you can see the silks that the jockey will be wearing today we have cold favorites Ally Sheba is down to 2 to 1 Gulch is 7 to 2 80s copy this fight finishing third in the Derby is 21 to 1 and a.

Cult favorite along with Ally Sheba is crypto clearance he liked the.

Kentucky Derby winner is 2 to 1 and those are the odds now about one hour before post time the caller races for the pre and post race analysis is Dave Johnson Dave Lee talks about the cost of the Triple Crown winners in fact.


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