After you installed bet angel home you’re presented what after you’ve installed it and clicked on the icon you’re presented with this logon screen you know and I’ll just discuss a couple of things around the login and how to register your account to register what you need to do you can’t log in automatically without having registered so the first.

Thing to do is to register so if I click on register you can see here it’s asking you for 3 bits of information my first bit would be a serial number.

So you know you type in whatever you’re selling number is then you would type in even your Betfair username now obviously you wouldn’t type in my bit for account you type in whatever your Betfair username is and then type in your email.

Address then all you need to do is click on register account and what this will do is or contact our server authenticate the fact that you’ve bought the product from us and this will grant you access to Bettinger you won’t get an email or anything you’ll just get a confirmation message via the screen saying yep that’s registered and that’s fine if there any problems from.

There you can contact support and they can help you out from there but once you’ve registered you’re free to log in to your Betfair account so at that point you would type in your Betfair account and your password your password is going to be encrypted we never have accessed your password when you log on you’re logging on to Betfair all we’re doing is basically transmitting that information to bet for an you’re logging on from there we obviously need to know.

Your bet for account name because we have to submit that to bet fare for a number of reasons we also need to obviously authenticate that with us but you never should give us your password the password is encrypted and you can remember the username by clicking on this box here but we don’t allow you.

For security reasons to store your password anywhere whatsoever complicity it’s very intuitive very important when you’re talking about money so we want nothing to do with the password and we won’t allow you to store it you’re going to have to type that in every time I’m afraid if.

You want to trade markets that are designated as Australian you’d have to use your Australian wallet so you can tick that but most people would only use that on certain occasions so you generally leave that I’m ticked if you tick it and you log in and you’ve got no money in in Australian wallet your account balance will show a zero so you need to be aware of.

That select the currency that you wish to use and here you can see the connection mode connection now it’s quite a clever way of configuring Bettinger that basically ensures that you get the best possible connection to bet.

Fare if you want to learn more about that skip into the knowledge base and have a read you also need to make sure that you’ve got.

I accept Betfair API Terms & Conditions ticked and then basically if you’ve registered software using this link here then you can log on to your account from there from here just by clicking log on once you’ve registered the software there’s no need to register the gain an S if you’ve been issued with a new serial number so it’s that simple.


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