Chickaleta – joke in the other stop get it sorry not together without parole but you kid on the block in the wild division the wedding one hits Lawrence perfect brunoise wish she takes her sunturion McDonnell the straight mile but the qe2 who will come out on top this time you that 18 started with a score to settle pants.

Were fat costs both roaring lion and ashy Murphy a breakthrough domestic group one in the racing post trophy and handed the headlines instead to Ryan.

Moore and Saxon warrior things did not start well a tame defeat when odds-on in the Craven followed by respectable but well beaten 5th to Saxon warrior in the 2000 guineas seemed to confirm that the opportunity of top level success had been missed the lion’s roar had become a whimper the road back started by a step up in trip 210 furlongs in the Dan T where the field were dispatched in a matter of strides they’re all chasing.

Roaring lion shadow as he storms away in the Dan T 12 films a nipson was preferred to ten and a half at Shaun T the despite lack of stamina on the day his Darby third to his Craven Conqueror massa saw him ahead of Saxon warrior and back in the big time so.

To sand down on the coral Eclipse Saxon warrior on his own recovery mission versus the resurgent lion was to prove the tipping point in their personal jus for my parent he’s got a big following now and a big sign to boot they dressed this racecourse brilliantly there is.

I’ve got lightning spear on another big tower as well and there he is roaring lion John goes on the right there and he was talking about this horse he’s just said I’ve never had a horse progress as much as roaring lion has through this year and yet bruss got you said to me that Saxon warrior was going to be better than the Jin ski better than Lionel Messi what’s happened it’s better to drive optimism pessimism of this season today I’m going to make a prediction here Jason Weaver.

And put my neck on the line Francesca come on he’s about to get a bit mushy yeah I can wait for the horses to come into the parade when I say horses I couldn’t wait to Lauren’s to trainers and the horses all the bad riders start with the hangman you know who’s gonna go left he looks like a good right now and what is good baby no talking earlier a Xin Murphy has come.

Up right into the prop proper Champions League status there are many jockeys of that level but he is now he’s really stepped up to the plate unfair blatant it’s been a breakthrough year there is in front of the pennants Frankie on the Left.

I’m walking around with one of two categories we’ve got two horses in this race the qe2 could he couldn’t.

Here oaring line stepping back down to the mile on the soft ground from the wide draw he had lots of things against him he had to be at his brilliant best to get past century dream I.

Can fly flew at him late but he wasn’t going to be denied he was imperious remember those shots of estimate when a Majesty won the.

Gold Cup those aren’t dissimilar the delight for sheikh fahad in his family and delight for oisin murphy getting his prize after this extraordinary season for that young man a night group one Jon Gosselin all smiles in behind and as we like to do an ITV race this is one of our features I’m showing you back to number horse in the race let’s hear from some of the beaten jockeys.


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