Hello everyone and welcome back to lucky loaders 15 I’ll be giving you my lucky 15 selections for tomorrow’s horse race in action here in the UK just they’re gonna go through tomorrow selections as per normal fewer good races going on tomorrow in the flat and the gems and we’ll be focusing on both for tomorrow but some good news.

To tell you we had a great day on Saturday with a treble we had my storm which was a very nice performance by Wayne Hutchinson he came in for.

Us on that one at tents one we also had a fast net tempest which was a Joseph in Gordon and William haggis that.

Was another great performance there we’ve got a really good price at 11 – I think final SP in the end for that horse.

Was for one so that was a good but they’re also hammers TLAs hams Lee Lake came in for us with the champion train and he Henson and Dicky Johnson the champion jockey coming.

Together and when champions come together normally good things happen and that one came into us at three to one in the end in the final SP so.

That was a good one there so I’m yeah we’re and a good treble on the cards on Saturday and a yay paid us a nice little sum of money so I’m not complaining.

There it’s pretty good me not really hard to back it up but we’ll begin stuck into tomorrow’s.

Horse race in action with our first selection going off in the 350 at Brighton with a horse called morning.
Suit this horses from the Mark Johnson yard.

Who we really like here on the channel I often back a few March onsens or says May anomaly yeah.

Run good raters on board tomorrow Sylvester D’Souza who’s having a real red-hot form at the moment he’s sir amongst Earl of winners at the moment and he’s riding a love winners so that seems good jockey booked in there also this horse as.

Well as it’s got a few questions to answer obviously because it is coming back from a break but it had been.

Quite nice his performances especially on the or whether it still not had a great race yet over the turf is still not from – but this source is still quite inexperienced and if you can put all those things to bed on is their seasonal reappearance tomorrow definitely think he could run a good race it’s quite tough little race Oh on paper there’s a few horses at the top end of the.

Market this one included been three to one but I definitely think um with his jockey booking special I think he could be a good winner there tomorrow so that’s I’m going there.

Morning suit our second selection tomorrow sees us go to Windsor in the 520 there with a horse called um Highland cradle which is going to be riding for Sir Michael.

Stout and his um can be written by Brian Moore Ryan Moore again is having a great time.

With it recently um kicked on to some good rides and great performance especially.

In the big race meeting so far and I’m hoping he can have another winner here for us this or some ran in a maiden.

A couple of weeks ago at chamfered we’re in an eye catching performance where a.

Finished second and that was a really good performance in that race that race as well as also were brought one or two good horses a form stand stronger also as well this race tomorrow is also a maiden as can be running in so um he.


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